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Who is alaina?

Alaina Whitaker was a contestant on American Idol Season 7, known as the 'dark horse' in the competition -- she had one of the most amazing voices but only made it to be the '

What is alaina?

Alaina is the best person in the whole world no matter Wat the stupid computer says like "Wat is alaina" whatever

How old is Alaina Mathers?

Alaina Mathers (not to be confused with another Amanda Marie Scott) is 24 years old (birthdate May 3, 1993). She is Eminem's niece, daughter of his wife's twin sister. Eminem

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How old is John Mather?

John Mather is 63 years old (birthdate: January 26, 1947).

Who is Alaina Mathers?

Alaina Mathers is the child of Kim Scott's twin sister so she is Eminem's neice but Eminem has raised her since she was a small child and she still lives with him she is also

What has the author Maria Alaina written?

Maria Alaina has written: 'Measuring time' -- subject(s): Time measurements, Juvenile literature 'Adding animals' -- subject(s): Addition, Juvenile literature, Animals '