How old is charlotte pickles from rugrats all grown up?

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How old is Tommy on all grown up?

10. \n. \nI looked it up on Wikipedia. It says he is 1 year old on the original show and he is 10 years old on "All Grown Up."\n. \nHope this helps,\nFionaRuth :)

Who is Tommy pickles from the rugrats?

Tommy Pickles is the main character of the Rugrats. He wears a blue shirt and a white diaper. He always carries a screwdriver to unlock the latch in his playpen. His best friend is Chuckie Finster

How old are the rugrats?

Dil is a Infant Tommy is 1 and Turned 2 in 1 episode Chuckie is 3 Phil and Lil are 1 1/2 Angelica is 4 Kimi is 2

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How old were the rugrats?

Angelica started at age 2, turned 3 (12-13 in all grown up) Susie was either 3 or 4 (most likely 4) (12-13 in all grown up) Chuckie was 2 (11 in all grown up) Kimi was 1 and a half (10 in all grown up) Tommy, Phil and Lil were 1 (10 in all grown up) Dil was 3 months (9 in all grown up) hope i (MORE)

How old are pickles?

However long tommy poot has eaten them! Yes i said tommy poot. Incase your wondering, justin bieber is married to sammi jo!

Do you have to have all your grown up teeth to get braces?

Dentists recommend that you grow out all your baby teeth and grow in new adult teeth because it would be a waste to straighten baby teeth if they're just gonna fall out anyway. Wait until your adult teeth grow in to get braces since adult teeth are pretty much your permanent teeth.

When your eleven years old are you grown up?

in a way. i class been grown up as been a teenager 13+. but you could be 11 and be mature. HOPE I HELPED. A: Most ppl are "grown up" physically at 18 or 19. But many are not "grown up" emotionally until their 30's!

How old is kimi in All grown up?

Kimi is 10, just like Tommy, Phil, and Lil. Chuckie is 11. Angelica and Susie are 13. Dil is 9. And in case you were wondering, NO, Kimi and Tommy are not a couple, never was or will be a couple, and in my opinion would NOT make a good couple. It would ruin the show, because they would always be mus (MORE)

Is drew pickles from rugrats gay?

I seen no evidence to suggest that. In fact, during the course of the series, he and his wife has another son. In All Grown Up, he was still happily married and living with his wife and children. The only guy he seemed to hang around on a regular basis with was his brother. Yes, he is the gayest ma (MORE)

Can you buy all 12 seasons of Rugrats?

No , mainly because there aren't 12 seasons of Rugrats. . Wikipedia gives more info... Nickelodeon and have struck a deal to produce DVDs of new and old Nickelodeon shows, through the CreateSpace service. Using a concept similar to print on demand , Amazon made the disc (MORE)

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when owls are grown up they will go on and find a mate then make a nest. after that they have babies and it is called the great circle of life. after that they go and hunt for rodants at night because they are nocternall. and after that they eventually die:]

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Is All grown Up NOT a classic nicktoon?

Many people dont consider it a classic nicktoon because it ruined the original Rugrats. and I dont really consider it classic because it's not good like the classic nicktoons are

What are all the rugrats parents names?

Stuart "Stu" Pickles Diane "Didi" Kropotkin Kerpackter-Pickles Louis Kalhern "Grandpa Lou" Pickles II Andrew "Drew" Pickles Charlotte Pickles Elizabeth "Betty" DeVille Charles Norbert "Chas" Finster Kira Watanabe-Finster Howard "Howie" DeVille Dr. Lucille "Lu (MORE)

Are there any All Grown Up movies?

Not really,but there will be five maybe.There is Extremely Preteenage,Musicaonio,Harry,Sarry,Nicky and Z,Anybody Loves Lil Go Really Over Who's Notable Used Personal,and All Grown Up(The Movie).

All Grown Up ruined Rugrats?

That's an opinion. I don't want offend any fans of All Grown Up, but in my opinion All Grown Up was a disgrace to the Rugrats. When All Grown Up premiered in November 2003, November 2003 is when Nickelodeon started to lose touch. All grown Up shouldn't be on Nickelodeon. All Grown Up should never ai (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in All Grown Up - 2011?

The cast of All Grown Up - 2011 includes: Jennifer Durst as Liz Rob Horton as J.T Debbie Hurson as Mrs. Stanton Bryan James as Harris Ryan Lance as Ryan Hooves Bert Matias as Mr. Frank Alejandro Matias as Samuel Andy Senita as Johnny T. Lawrence Wayne Curry as Howard

Did all grown up ruin the rugrats?

Rugrats got cancelled in 2004, because they added Kimmy, Dill, andSuzie, so they went down hill. All Grown Up still airs early in themornings. No, they didn't ruin them. All Grown Up is the sequel toRugrats.

How do you be a grown up?

you need to take a quiz cause quiz will test you if you can live by your own.. and dont even mention ur tired...and be alone in a public place like no one notice you before..

Why were Rugrats and All Grown Up cancelled?

Rugrats was cancelled in 2004, but still currently airs on TeenNick. All Grown Up was cancelled in 2008, and was aired on TeenNick until 2014, to make room for new Nickelodeon comedies andprograms.

Why were the Rugrats and All Grown Up cancelled?

The Rugrats were cancelled in 2004, however it still currently airson Teen Nick. All Grown Up was cancelled in 2008, and aired on TeenNick until 2014, to make room for other Teen Nick series andprograms.