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How old is the Mona Lisa painting?

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The painting is 506 years old

2nd answerer says: This painting was begun in 1503 or 1504 and remains unfinished... See the link!
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When was the 'Mona Lisa' painted?

The exact dates are 1503-1505. 'Mona Lisa', by Leonardo da Vinci, is perhaps the most familiar work of art in the world. Finished or not finished has two answers. 1) It wa

Why did mona Lisa not smile in her painting?

She was thinking of all the bills she had to pay. The legend goes that Mona Lisa had bad teeth, so she didn't show them. In those days, dental hygiene was not a personal poin

Who painted the Mona Lisa and why?

The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci, and was likely a commission to paint the wife (Lisa) of a wealthy merchant named Francesco del Giocondo of Florence.

Are there two mona Lisa paintings?

Not originals, but if the original painting was put under an x-ray scanner, there are two Mona Lisa's painted under it. There is also a version of the Mona Lisa by Duchamp, do

What is unusual about the painting mona Lisa?

There are so many things that are unusual with the painting. Just look at it! You cannot tell what her smile is trying to portray, or you cannot tell if she even has eyebrows!