How old must you be to drop out of school in Rutherford County Tennessee?

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From the last i heard the legal age is 17 in Rutherford county TN you can call a laywer or a school and fine out to make sure its right
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How old must you be to drop out of school?

You cannot LEGALLY 'drop out' of school until either (1) you reachthe legal leaving age in your country - OR - (2) your parents (orguardian) arrange home schooling to continue

How old must you be to drop out of high school?

14 year old in CT 18 in NYC and 16 everywhere else in parkersburg west virginia you have to be 17 to drop out but you have to your parents sign a paper Really any age as l

How did Rutherford County Tennessee get its name?

Rutherford County and named in honorof Griffith Rutherford. He was an American Revolutionary Wargeneral who settled in Middle Tennessee after the RevolutionaryWar. He was Pres
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How many schools are included in Rutherford County Schools?

The Rutherford County Schools are an organization, which includes around 12 schools in the Rutherford County District. The name originates from the famous scientist Ernerst Ru