How old should be a baby to board your flight with the mother?

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I would say he/she would be alright at 6 months but ask your GP
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Should a 14-year-old take in a baby from a mother who is in jail?

Answer . \nPutting the ethical and moral issues aside, the reality is a minor cannot take custody of any person's child, regardless of the circumstances. Even an adult cann

Should a mother adopt her 14 year old daughters baby?

Answer . If your daughter loves her baby then help her look after the baby and adoption is not necessary. Even though I am sure you weren't happy about your daughter getti

How old should a mother rabbit be to have babies?

a good age is around 1 1/2 years of age, i had no clue how old my bunny was when i bred her, but she sure made a good mom! it really doesn't matter though, as long as their fu

Should a 13-year-old mother keep her baby?

If she wants to, she should go into it without half-hearted feelings. She should know and be fully aware of the responsibility that keeping her baby would require. She should

How should a mother remove the baby from the breast?

A baby should be removed from the breast only after it has had its fill of breast milk for the moment. Often times the baby will show it is done eating by falling asleep peace

Should gerbil babys be kept with their mother?

Yes, until they are at least six weeks old. You can even choose to leave the father in there, because he will help raise them by sitting on them and keeping them warm. Gerbils

Should a mother throw a baby shower?

The mom having the baby (the guest of honor) should not throw her own baby shower. It is considered inappropriate for the mom-to-be to solicit gifts for herself. Usually, a fe
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Should babies be kept with their mothers in prison?

Prison is a hardened way of life for the inmates and not a good environment for a baby to be kept. Depending on what the mother has done regarding what type of crime and she m