How should one pronounce Schumpeter?

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It is a German name, so the vowels are pronounced in the German way, with the first syllable accented and the second and third syllables sounded just like the German pronunciation of Peter - i.e., the first e is not a schwa, but sounds similar to an English long a. So, in English, it sounds like "shoom payter". The first vowel should be short, like the oo in book rather than the oo in soon. To hear the pronunciation via MP3, follow this link: <>.
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How does one pronounce Myanmar?

It is the name of a country previously known as Burma and pronounced as MEE-YAN-MAR. Listen to the right pronunciation: There are 47,400,000 people in Myanmar.

How does one pronounce detrious?

detritus: deh - TRY - tuhs --noun rock in small particles or other material worn or broken away froma mass, as by the action of water or glacial ice. any disintegrated material; debris. I've found debris as the most common use. . Used to disagree with a perceived statement of completefalseh (MORE)

How does one pronounce Solveig?

It is pronounced "sool-vay". ACTUALLY, It is pronounce SOLE-vay here in the USA. In Norway, where it is from, it is pronounced SOOL-Vai. I would know because it's my name. So don't sass me

How does one pronounce the latin word vanitas?

Van-ee-tass in medieval or Church Latin. Scholars are in agreement that the Romans pronounced their Vs with a W sound. In that case it would be: Wan-ee-tass. The meaning of the word Vanitas is defined as 'empty' or 'a state of emptiness'. It does not mean 'Vanity' as deceiving as the spelling of t (MORE)

How should data be pronounced?

data has two ways of being pronounced. Day-tu ("uhh.." like um... but very short) or Da (ah! like a short scream)-tu ("uhh.." like um... but very short) -ID3636663384 _______________________________________________________________ I pronounce the word as "Day-tuh". Many people pronounce it (MORE)

Should the back have pronounced bones?

Down parts of the centerline of the back there should be some pronounced bumps. These are the spineous processes of the vertebrae. They are no visible on everyone due do a difference in muscle and/or fat levels.

How should you pronounce IELTS?

'eye-elts' It is said as one word, with the "I" pronounced as 'eye'. Regards, Mike ielts2u - an IELTS writing and speaking website

How should one pronounce 'Pacem in Terris'?

The phrase 'Pacem in terris' is in Latin. The word-by-word translation is the following: 'pacem', which is in the accusative case as the direct object of an absent verb, means 'peace'; 'in' means 'in'; and 'terris' means 'lands'. According to ancient, classical Latin, the pronunciation is as follows (MORE)

How should the name Jerome be pronounced?

Jerome is pronounced jer-əʊm , not jer-o-me. It does not end with the sound of the word 'me.' The stress is on the last syllable, but 'e' at the end is not pronounced. The -ome at the end of the name Jerome is pronounced the same way as the last part ofwords such as . dome (d (MORE)

How does one properly pronounce THE?

The pronunciation is different depending on what letter the word following "the" is. For example, if "the" is followed by a word starting with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), one would pronounce it "thee." If it is followed by any other letter, it'd be pronounced "thuh." Example: " Thee apple tree" " The (MORE)

How do you pronounce lucky one in Irish?

There is no exact translation of this phrase. The usual word for luck in Irish is ádh (pronounce awe). However the concept of luck is usually as a personification - that is "the luck" An tÁdh a noun - as opposed to lucky - an adjective. Bhí an t-ádh leat - the luck was with you - you wer (MORE)

Should we pronounce the B in Obvious?

its your choice i pronounce the b but my family don't its however you feel comfortable saying it I looked in two different dictionaries and both indicated the b is pronounced: ob-vi-ous

How does one pronounce Tituba?

Tituba . t ih - ch uu - b ah t . ih . - . ch . uu . - . b . ah . t o. i t. ch in. p u t. b at. c a r. What does this mean? .

How should you pronounce TATIANA?

Some people pronounce the name "Tatiana" as tot-tee-yah-na, which is common for the North American pronunciation. Eastern Europeans may pronounce it as tot-YAHna, TAT-yahna or TET-yahna. The name may also be heard as thot-thee-on-a or dot-thee-on-a in the Spanish pronunciation.

Is Luther a German name and how should it be pronounced?

Yes, it is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Luther is "soldier of the people". The name is famous for Martin Luther, the German religious reformer from the 16th century. It is pronounced like Lut-ter, with a u like in put. Check the related links for an audio sample.

How do you pronounce one through ten in Korean?

Question: How do you pronounce on through ten in Korean? Answer: (1) One - han-NAH (2) Two - tool (3) Three - set (4) Four - net (5) Five - TAH-sut (6) Six - YEH-sut (7) Seven - ill-GUP (8) Eight - yeh-DUL (9) Nine - AH-hope (10) Ten - yul

How old is Joseph Schumpeter?

Joseph Schumpeter was born on February 8, 1883 and died on January 8, 1950. Joseph Schumpeter would have been 66 years old at the time of death or 132 years old today.

How do you pronounce one bird in french?

"one bird" is "un oiseau" in French, pronounced "uŋ noazo" (nasal "uŋ", like the first "en" in "bienvenue") If you mean what are some bird names in French, here's a few: . poulet (chicken) . merle (blackbird) . rossignol (nightingale) . aigle (eagle) . chouette (owl) or hibou (MORE)

Was Joseph Schumpeter a fascist?

According to Robert Loring Allen's two-volume Opening Doors:the Life and Work of Joseph Schumpeter , in the 1930s andthroughout World War II Schumpeter was an anti-Semite (well beyondthe conventional anti-Semitism of the time); he was a supporter ofthe war aims of fascist Germany and Japan.

How does one pronounce lo mein?

One pronounces the word "lo mein" as "low main". These are a type of Chinese noodle that usually have a meat or vegetable cooked with them, and sometimes rice.

How does one pronounce the word 'weigh'?

Weigh is pronounced the same way one would pronounce the word way. One does not pronounce the g or h. The word means to find the mass or weight of something.

How does one pronounce 'contains'?

You can separate it into two words that would make it much easier for a non English person. You can start by saying con and then you can say tains. That would bring the word together and make it much easier to say.

How does one pronounce the word 'attire'?

The word 'attire' is quite easy to pronounce one you understand the English alphabet.Just think of the word 'Apple' and and use the same sounding "A" as in apple or "at". That will give you the right "A" sound. Then for the next part of the word 'tire' think of a car Tyre. So we have At-Tyre. Put t (MORE)

How does one pronounce 'experiments'?

Experiments is most typically pronounced "eks-spear-uh-ments" or "eks-spear-eh-ments". One would pronounce it as "eks-spear-uh-ments" when using it as a noun and as "eks-spear-eh-ments" when using it as a verb.

How does one pronounce the word 'incipient'?

One can pronounce the word 'incipient' by sounding out the word in common English, or by reading is as in-seip-i-ent. However, depending on what part of the world you are from, it can sound differently.

How does one pronounce the word 'jasam'?

The word "jasam" is not defined in any English dictionary however the term "JaSam" most likely refers to the characters Jason and Sam Morgan from the daytime TV series General Hospital. In true celebrity fashion, fans of the show dubbed the couple "JaSam" much like "Brangelina" which refers to the c (MORE)

Where can one learn to pronounce Yahh in Hebrew?

One method to pronounce a word with accuracy is always through constant practice. To pronounce Yahh in Hebrew, try searching through a dictionary because most of the time the dictionary provides phonetic spelling for the word, to aid accuracy in pronunciation. Another suggestion would be to use Goog (MORE)

How does one pronounce the word 'educators'?

Educators is pronounced differently depending on where you are from, it would be pronounced differently in Texas, USA to Liverpool, England. The most common pronunciation is Ed (the name) U (you) K (the letter) tours (a tour).

How does one pronounce the word 'intrastate'?

It is pronounced as int-ra-state the a is pronounced as uh. The definition to this word of relating to or existing within the boundaries of a state.(Government, Politics and Diplomacy)