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How tall does a mountain have to be to been a mountain?

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A mountain must be over 1000 feet to considered a mountain.

Here's a little tip: Any landscape less than 500 feet is considered a rolling plane, however, between 500 and 999 feet, a hill.
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How tall is the world's tallest mountain?

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How tall does a mountain have to be to be a mountain?

less than 500 feet its considered a rolling plain, 500-999 feet, a hill, and over 1000 feet is considered a mountain that is wrong it should be above 600 meters improved by k

Why are mountains tall?

Mountais are tall because when two continental plates collide by moving magma underneath the crust, the two plates push up each other, which makes the land rise up and form th

How tall is red mountain?

According to Wikipedia, Red Mountain located in Birmingham, AL, is 260 feet. The Vulcan statue sits atop the mountain.