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How tall is Russian prime minister medvedev?

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Russian prime minister Medvedev is 5 ft 4 in.
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How does the prime minister of Israel become prime minister?

all the parties in Israel go to a free election once of every 3 years, the president choose the party wich has the best possibility to create a strong and stable coalition ( m

How long can Australia's prime minister be prime minister?

There is no limit to how long an Australian Prime Minister can be Prime minister. Elections are held roughly every three years, but there is a very large window of many mont

What is a prime minister?

A prime minister is an elected politician who leads the cabinet to govern the country. taoiseach

Is Dmitry Medvedev Russian Orthodox?

  Answer     Dmitry Medvedev is considered to be Russian Orthodox, having been baptized at 23 years of age in St Petersburg in 1989. However, his religion (if an

Is there a prime minister?

It depends on the country. For instance, the United States doesn't have one and a system that follows a monarchy would have one. The UK is a monarchy and has a Prime Minister.

Who appoints the Prime Minister and his team of ministers?

Typically in most countries that have a prime minister, the prime  minister is elected by the parliament, and is normally the head of  the largest party and so is able to ge

Who becomes the prime minister if the prime minister dies or resigns?

I think the prime minister, on the event of resignation or death is indicated by someone of the government. In United Kingdom, it would be Her Majesty, the Queen, if I am not

Who are the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Britain?

The current government of the United Kingdom is a coalition between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. The Prime Minister is the Right Honourable David Cameron and

What is Prime Minister?

is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system.

What is a the difference between prime minister and a minister?

A prime minister is the head minister, the head of government. A minister is responsible for an individual department of government.

Why do we have prime ministers?

The parlimentary government needs to have a legal head of the parlimentary body just as our Congress has a President and a Vice President. They have some of the same powers as

What does a prime minister do?

A prime minister heads the government. They are not the head of  state. A prime minister appoints the ministers for the government.  They will usually chair cabinet meetings