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How tall is Willie Nelson?

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Is Willie Nelson dead?


Is Willie Nelson part Indian?

He is part Cherokee. He isn't a member of the Cherokee Tribe, but has Cherokee ancestry.

What is willie nelsons net worth?

As of June 2014 the estimated net worth of singer and writer Willie  Nelson is 25 million. This famous performer left college to pursue  his career in music.

Does willie nelson have a son?

Yes. Two sons, live in Hawaii with Mrs. Nelson.

Is willie nelson Canadian?

Willie Nelson was born and raised in Abbott, Texas, that's a long way from Canada.

Were does willie nelson live now?

I heard he is living now in Austin, Texas ...   Actually, Willie lives over 200 nights each year on "Honeysuckle Rose," his Biodiesel Tour Bus. His convoy consists of sever

When will willie nelson be there?

When all the weed has been smoked