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5 ft 9 Inch
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Why did Robert Louis Stevenson write?

Like many authors, Robert Louis Stephenson was influenced by events in his life. For example, he was often very ill as a child, and he used his imagination to write "A Child's

What are facts about Robert Louis stevenson?

Stevenson's mother kept him inside through the damp Scottish winters because of his tuberculosis.  Stevenson wrote the first draft of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in three days. A

What books did Robert Louis Stevenson write?

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a lot of books, but here are some of his most popular books: •Treasure Island •Kidnapped •The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde •A

Where did Robert Louis Stevenson live?

  Robert Luois Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh and later Colinton, Scotland. He went to University in Edinburgh to study Engineering,

What is Armies in the Fire by Robert Louis Stevenson about?

In the poem,"Armies in the Fire" certain words are used as connotation for feelings and the author chooses specific words to connect the title. This poem takes place at night

When did Robert Louis Stevenson die?

On December 3, 1894, at the age of 44, Stevenson died of a stroke. The natives carried his body to the peak of Mount Vaea, where they buried him. His poem "Requiem" is inscrib