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How the Algerian pre-university educational system works?

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system if Algeria
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What are the demerits of Indian education system?

The premise of a need to be educated in India, is to only get a job. This should change to educate the person with important skills of reasoning, data analysis, logical interp (MORE)

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What were the disadvantages of gurukul system of education?

DISADVANTAGES OF GURUKUL SYSTEM: / 1. Children left their homes and near and dear ones at the / tender age of eight and stayed away from their parents for / over 12 years. Th (MORE)

5 Work From Home Education Positions

Many teachers love working in the field of education but may, for one reason or another, now need to find a work-at-home job. These options offer a way to telecommute while st (MORE)

Should marketers expect to educate consumers?

Many marketing strategies and campaigns are premised on the expectation that consumers can be educated. This is often a mistaken assumption, since people in general must first (MORE)

What is a marketing education?

A marketing education is the acquisition of knowledge and capabilities in the practice of marketing, either as a practitioner, researcher, or educator. (MORE)
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What is the Educational system of filipino's during the pre spanish era time?

School is only for Spanish people and only a few rich Filipino families called Illustrado. Men goes to school to learn discipline etiquette and decorum Spanish culture religio (MORE)

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What algerian foods are there?

ther is many food algerien is delicious food like chourba kouskous bourek salad adas loubia makaroun spagity kbab patata meklia chekchouka chlita burger meat fish el hout chaw (MORE)

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What is meant by an integrated system of education?

It means that both public and private schools are guided by one normative standards. that is to say, the government supervises these schools and provides set of rules and regu (MORE)

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How do you speak algerian?

u speak algerian by learning it . for example if u want to say hello u can say eh-ha-lane, or salam- alikoum how are you is = kiak for a boy and kiaki for a girl, or kiakoum f (MORE)