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How the Algerian pre-university educational system works?

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How the Algerian pre-university educational system works?
system if Algeria
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What is a work education?

kam karte hue sikhna

What are the demerits of Indian education system?

The premise of a need to be educated in India, is to only get a job. This should change to educate the person with important skills of reasoning, data analysis, logical interp

What is the Educational system of filipino's during the pre spanish era time?

School is only for Spanish people and only a few rich Filipino families called Illustrado. Men goes to school to learn discipline etiquette and decorum Spanish culture religio
What algerian foods are there?

What algerian foods are there?

ther is many food algerien is delicious food like chourba kouskous bourek salad adas loubia makaroun spagity kbab patata meklia chekchouka chlita burger meat fish el hout chaw
How do you speak algerian?

How do you speak algerian?

u speak algerian by learning it . for example if u want to say hello u can say eh-ha-lane, or salam- alikoum how are you is = kiak for a boy and kiaki for a girl, or kiakoum f

What is work education?


Are Algerians white?

Algeria's a melting pot and a very diverse country as it's in between the white continent (i.e. Mediterranean Europe) and the black continent (i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa). Conseq

What do Algerians wear?

its a Muslim country, not as nearly as strict as Iran, but people there mostly dress modestly, aslo some wear western style clothing. look at some photos on the web a photo is
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What are the 5Cs?

If you mean the 5 C's, like you learn in school and such, it's Cotton Citrus Copper Climate Cattle

Is There Place for Philosophy of Education in the Educational Systems?

To me, the right answer for such question ' the place of philosophy  in education" should give direct answer is there or there is no  place of philosophy in the current educ