How the Algerian pre-university educational system works?

system if Algeria
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What is the education system in Jordan like?

Jordan ranks number one overall in the Arab World and has one of the best education systems in the developing world. Ranked 18th worldwide by UNESCO for it's gender equality i (MORE)

What are the demerits of Indian education system?

The premise of a need to be educated in India, is to only get a job. This should change to educate the person with important skills of reasoning, data analysis, logical interp (MORE)

What are the advantages of a privatised education system?

  In a privatised education system, child enrollment would be wrestled over in a capitol market. The results of the children's educational value would be expressed in a do (MORE)
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What are merits of educational system in Pakistan?

Pakistani Education System Divided in 3 Phases 1) Urdu Medium 2) English Medium 3) Madrassas Pakistan's Higher Education System is very good, we have good universities, co (MORE)

What were the disadvantages of gurukul system of education?

DISADVANTAGES OF GURUKUL SYSTEM:1. Children left their homes and near and dear ones at thetender age of eight and stayed away from their parents forover 12 years. This was a g (MORE)

What is the Educational system of filipino's during the pre spanish era time?

School is only for Spanish people and only a few rich Filipino families called Illustrado. Men goes to school to learn discipline etiquette and decorum Spanish culture religio (MORE)

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