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How the condition of a celestial body to be a circumpolar body?

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it is circumpolar if the body has a declination greater than the co-latitude, that is 90 degrees minus the latitude of the observer
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What are celestial bodies?

The term "celestial bodies" refers to all of the objects in space that are identified by name or location: comets, asteroids, moons, rings, planets, stars, nebulas, galaxies,

What is a Celestial body?

Basically anything that is found in outer space. Celestial body or more commonly known as "astronomical objects" are significant physical entities, associations or structures

A celestial body that orbits another body?

It will either be called a Binary star system, where two stars orbit each other, or a planetary system where non-stellar objects (non-star objects like planets, comets, astero

What is the alignment of 3 celestial bodies?

When you are talking about the sun, the earth and the moon, the 3 bodies in alignment is called an eclipse (solar eclipse if the moon is between the earth and the sun and a

When was celestial body discovered?

Celestial body is only a general name for an object in the sky,particlarly applied to the night sky (but including the Sun). Themoon, stars, planets, etc., are considered cele

What are other celestial bodies?

A celestial body simply refers to an object in space, such as theMoon, the Sun, stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc.

What celestial body does the moon orbit?

Usually the Moon (Earth's) is said to orbit Earth, although thelatter is sometimes not regarded as a celestial body per se. Thereare also arguments based on the nature of the

What is the shadow cast by a celestial body?

The true shadow where the celestial body completely blocks thelight source (such as a total eclipse of the sun as viewed fromEarth) is called the umbra. The partial shadow, fo