How to get a newborn baby girl to cry?

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If you give her a shot of vitamin k she will cry or take off her hat that will also make her cry if you pinch her she will also cry and then you can hold her up and make her stop crying and she will go to sleep and you bring her to her mommy while she is sleeping and the mommy picks up the newborn baby girl and that will wake her up and and make her cry a lot of times you can take off her hat in any second she will cry
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Why does this girl cry each time she sees a baby doll?

There could be many reasons, many depending on age and circumstance. Maybe she is feeling 'broody' so she sees a baby doll and thinks of babies. Maybe she is pregnant and the sight of a baby doll makes her think of her situation, good or bad, maybe she lost a child and she hates to be reminded of it (MORE)

What do you do with a newborn baby?

Though they may seem weak, defenseless, and at times, kind of pathetic... well, they kinda are. Boring, too, if you don't know what to do with 'em.\n. \nThere are actually lots of activities you can do with a newborn baby. \n. \nStimulating the senses is the key to having fun with a newborn - and (MORE)

Should you start dating a girl who has a newborn baby?

Only if you are comfortable with it. You are going to be involved in this baby's life if you get involved so that is something you have to think about and be sure you can handle. But if you are then definitely do it.

Why did the Chinese bound newborn baby girls feet?

Foot binding was first practiced among the elite and only in the wealthiest parts of China, which suggests that binding the feet of well-born girls represented their freedom from manual labor and, at the same time, the ability of their husbands to afford wives who did not need to work, who existed s (MORE)

What happens when a newborn baby doesn't cry?

If a new born baby doesn't cry it means that he/she loves you already and there is no need to bond with it at all. You have done a good job talking to it the whole way though your pregancey

Country song about a newborn baby girl?

I would like to know the lyrics to Pray good evening Say ""How-do-you-do?" We are babies come to sing to you Cheeks like roses, hair that's all in curls How'd you like to be a baby girl? .................................

How do you get a newborn puppy to stop crying?

There are many reasons why puppies may cry. They may be too cold or too warm, they may be even hungry. One way one might look to get a puppy to stop crying is to put a clock with a loud ticking near where the puppies are, they say this mimics the mothers heartbeat.

Why does a newborn baby cry as soon as it is out of the womb?

new born baby's cry from the shock of being man handled literally, their used to being tucked away in mama's womb feeling secure in the fetal position, so when the baby comes out they are feeling scared and need that secure fetal feeling. And it is also good for them to cry so they can clear the lun (MORE)

Why is it that my 3 years old baby girl always cry?

maybe because she ids testing you to see how she can get what she wants through crying and because most parents an you probably don't hate to see you daughter upset you will give in but this is only a theory and im probably wrong Three IS a difficult age. , but if your baby seems to be crying mor (MORE)

How get a baby girl to cry?

pinch her very hard or hit her or steel her away from her mommy while she is feeding and she will cry and then you take her home and you can feed her yourself and then you can burp her and you can put her to sleep and then she is alsleep you can hold her up and pinch her on her back while she is sle (MORE)

How do you get a newborn baby girl to cry twice?

take it away from her mom and the newborn baby girl will cry because she is very hungry and you took her away from the beast when she was having a feed and she cryied a lot until you feed her youself then she will stop crying until you pinch her hard and then she will start crying again until you ga (MORE)

How do you get a baby girl to stop crying loud?

Figure out what's wrong with her. She's crying for a reason. It's her only way to communicate. Just the same as you can speak, she cries, figure out why she's crying and then you'll have your answer.

How do you baby girl Sydney to cry?

she will cry as soon as she comes out and then you take her icu and give her a vaccination like her vitamin K shot and she will not be very very happy and then take her hat off and she will cry or if you yell at her she will also cry too or if you pinch her she will cry then you can go into the icu (MORE)

How do you get newborn baby girl to cry?

She will cry if she is hungy she will also cry if she is sleeply she will also cry if she is scared she will also cry if she is pinched and if she need to be changed and burped and held and when she takes a fall

How to get a newborn to cry?

Why would you want a precious newborn to cry? Alas, if you really want to, pinching them is a way to do so, I suppose. Or, not changing their diaper. But it's normally best if you don't make them cry.

Where do newborns learn to cry?

Everyone is born with the ability to cry. It is not something you learn. It is a basic bodily function that (nearly) everyone can do.

Why do newborn babies always cry?

Newborn babies can't communicate by talking so they communicate by crying. If a newborn baby is crying they are likely telling you that they are either: hungry, tired, gassy, cold or hot.

How often does a newborn cry?

Babies cry when they need to. They cry when they are upset or need something. It is their way of communicating with their parents because they don't know how to talk yet.

How do you get a baby girl mia to cry?

You can get a baby girl Mia to cry by waking her up or annoying her. Many babies do not like their feet touched, if you touch her toes then she may begin to cry.