How to lose 7 kg in 15 days?

Diet for 7 Days, 7 KG
Please specify the timings means what to have in breakfast, lunch and dinner

YES, this works...

Follow the simple diet programm for seven days and I am sure you will be able reduce 7 KG weight.

Day 1:
10 Glasses of Water
All Fruits except Bananas
Lots of Watermelon

Day 2:
10 Glasses of Water
Large Boiled Potato for Breakfast
All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil)

Day 3:
10 Glasses of Water
Mixture of Fruits and Vegetables (Any quantity)
No Bananas and Potatoes

Day 4:
13 Glasses of Water
3 Glasses of Milk
1 Bowl Vegetable Soup
8 Bananas

Day 5:
13 Glasses of Water
1 Cup Rice
6 Whole Tomatoes

Day 6:
10 Glasses of Water
1 Cup Rice
All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil)

Day 7:
10 Glasses of Water
1 Cup Rice
All Fruit Juice
All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil)
Nutritionists are recommending 2-3 pounds of weight loss in a week, more than this we may get health risks. You shouldn’t expect long lasting weight loss by quick weight loss methods. There is several extreme weight loss methods are there. One of quick weight loss methods is known as cabbage soup diet. In this diet the person should eat the foods made by cabbage, why because cabbage is one of the negative calorie foods which take more calories actually what it had given. Through this diet we may lose 10 pounds in a week and the result is not permanent.
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How do you lose 7kg in 15 days?

It is harmful and also not possible to loose this much weight. Ideally healthy weight loss is 5.5 to 7.5 pounds in a months...above or below that is considered to be abnormal.
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How can you lose 7 kg fast?

First of all, cut excess of carbs, drink green tea everyday, buy a walking simulator and make exercise that lasts at least 1 hour. Eat oat bran (4 tablespoons) mixed with 2 ta (MORE)

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How do you lose 15 kg in 3 months?

Eating Plan, exercise and and a positive attitude. You should be running off a 1200 calorie per day diet and with 45 mins to 60 mins of good solid exercise you will be well o (MORE)

How can you lose 15 kg in a week?

This question can be answered using maths. For every KG you want to lose, you must have a deficit of 7,000 calories. 15 times 7,000 is 105,000 calories to be burned in a week. (MORE)

How do you lose 15 kg in one month?

    By walking an hour a day and reducing the amount of fat you are consuming each day and drinking water instead of soda when you are thirsty and by drinking up to 8 (MORE)

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