How to make a real omnitrix?

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There is no real omntrix it's a cartoon.
Just buy a toy one.
If there was a real omnitrix wouldn't it hurt you when you put it on it would have needles sticking into your DNA which will not change you at all it will only probably change your voice or change the colour of your eyes but honestly if you think there is a real omnitrix your just being dumb.
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Is the omnitrix real?

It's real in the sense that there's a toy of that name that you can buy. It doesn't actually do the things the fictional one in the cartoon does, though; it just blinks and ma

Is there a real omnitrix?

There could be like in 50 years when they find the DNA of aliens and put a needle into your body and the DNA could change!!! P.S. your bones cannot grow EDIT.. by zZJoen

Can you get the real omnitrix?

Sorry, you can't.but if you think hard enough you can become a greymatter and create the omnitrix yourself. here is some things you should study about 1.aliens 2.DNA 3.t
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How do you make an Omnitrix?

The Omnitrix is a device from a Ben 10 cartoon. It is a watch-like device that lets Ben turn into aliens. While you wouldn't be able to make an Omnitrix that actually works, y
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How can you get a real omnitrix?

yes.the real omnitrix is in the core of the sun.if you go there turn left,go straight and then take a right.there you will see a green and purple circle, touch it and you have
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What is the preparetion of how to make the real omnitrix?

You may have to design it by some black rubber, and all that. Shape it as a watch (really wide). After that, make a circular hole in the top part. Make the ring and put some g