How to write Career Objective for fresher in resume?

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To implement new technologies and gain a positive foothold in a business environment that encourages innovation and foresees industrial trends.
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What is the objective of your resume you are a fresher of MBA?

The objective is most useful when the person reading your resume is unsure of the position you're applying for, usually because this was never made clear by the company or if

What is the resume objective to be write in resume as a fresher for bank job?

The objective of a resume is to show a prospective employer your qualifications for the job opening for which you are applying. The objective on a resume is a simple stat

Career objective for MBA in marketing fresher?

Seekingfor challenging positions in Customer services Department, Salesand Marketing or General Administration to add value to anorganization with the help of my education an

How do youwrite career objectives in resume?

Somewhere in your application an employer is looking for you to express your career aspirations. It may be stated in your cover letter or it could head up your resume document

Career objective for a fresher Chartered accountant?

A fresher Chartered Accountant can include a career objective onhis CV in order to increase his chances of finding work. In thecareer objective he could say that he is willing

Cv career objective for hr fresher?

To put most of my academic human resource knowledge into practicein pursuit of a successful career in the field of human resource.Self motivated and confident professional wit

Which type of object best for freshers resume?

The best objectiveis that which clearly states how the candidate can be useful to therecruiter. Instead of stating a generalized objective for everyjob, one should tailor his