How was Brutus and Portia's marriage?

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Brutus and Portia's marriage appears to be based on mutual respect and love. Portia is not afraid to stand up to Brutus and demand that he treat her as a "woman well reputed." She desires to share his secrets and his worries, and she is even willing to wound herself to show her bravery. When she slashes her thigh, she is showing that she will not reveal Brutus' secrets even under pain of torture. Brutus sees how determined Portia is to prove that she is "stronger than her sex," and he rewards this sentiment with loving respect. Portia's argument with Brutus can be contrasted with Caesar's argument with Calpurnia. Caesar is far more authoritarian, and seems not to care that he is humiliating Calpurnia and causing her a great deal anguish in refusing to heed her advice regarding his meeting with the Senate.
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Who was Brutus?

In Roman-British Celtic mythology,Brutus is said to have been the founder of the British people.The great grandson of the Trojan Aeneas, he is supposed to have landed at Totnes in Devon and to have subjugated the giants who then inhabited the country.

What did brutus do to Caesar?

Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar with a dagger. He was the last man to do so and when Caesar saw this, he gave up on his life, disappointed that his dear friend had betrayed him.

What or who were Publius and Brutus?

Publius and Brutus were the pen names used when drafting theConstitution. Pen names were used by the authors defending(Publius) and attacking (Brutus) the essays that would make up theConstitution.

When did brutus die?

He died on October 23rd, 42 BC when he committed suicide and killed himself by throwing himself onto the dagger he stabbed Caesar with.

What does Brutus mean?

The name Brutus means "slow-witted", "stupid" or "dull". It was supposedly given to Lucius Junius Brutus, the founder of the Roman Republic, because he pretended stupidity in order that the king wouldn't suspect his plotting.

Who is brutus wife?

Marcus Junius Brutus divorced Claudia Pulchrua (his first wife) and married Porcia Catonis (first cousin).

What can you say about Portia's death in 'Antigone'?

There's no such character as Portia in the play 'Antigone' by Sophocles [495 B.E.C.* - 406 B.C.E.]. There are only nine main characters, and a chorus. The main characters are Antigone; her aunt by marriage, Queen Eurydice; her fiance and first cousin Haemon; her sister Ismene; and her uncle, Theba (MORE)

How does brutus die?

He committed suicide. Brutus had strato hold his sword while he ran himself into it. Strato closed his eyes so he didn't have to see this happen. Brutus actually dies to the same sword that killed Caesar. It is believed that Brutus dying to the dagger that killed Caesar was Caesar's revenge. (MORE)

Where did Brutus die?

Brutus had escaped capture after losing the Battle of Philippi and took refuge in the nearby hills. Knowing that Antony would soon find him, he committed suicide, rather than face the disgrace of being captured.

Who is Brutus servant?

Strato- strato had held the sword for Brutus to run into which in turn killed Brutus.

Was brutus caring?

Brutus was a stoic, so he had trained himself not to be emotional about things. This makes him appear particularly uncaring when he hears of the death of Portia.

What is the marriage?

Marriage is a process in that one girl and boy give promise to eachother that they will give support to each other in all their goodand bad time.

What are some of Portia's characteristics?

Portia is the main character of William Shakespeare's The Merchantof Venice. She was described here as an attractive, kind, smart,strong-willed, stubborn, persistent and quick-witted woman.

Was Brutus noble?

this is a very conplex question that could be asked in an exam. I could go on for hours but I wil just make a few breif points: brutus was noble because he~ * killed Caesar for all the right reasons * thought about all his moral dialemmas and important dicissions logically and slowly and there (MORE)

Who was Portia's suitor?

The suitors who came to Belmont were The Prince Of Morocco,The Prince Of Arragon, & Bassanio. Morocco chose the Gold Casket, Arragon chose the Silver casket, & Bassanio chose the Leaden Casket. Bassanio chose the correct casket which was lead .

What is portia's concern at the end of scene 4?

Scene 4 of Act II in "Julius Caesar" takes place on the morning of March 15 (the Ides of March), shortly before Caesar's murder in the Senate House. Portia is concerned because she knows her husband, Marcus Brutus, is involved in something secretive and potentially dangerous (the conspiracy to assas (MORE)

How does brutus react to portia's death?

Portia dies by swallowing fire , or as we would say burning coal . Brutus reacts to her death is sorrow, but in calm sorrow - without weeping and such. He simply accepts her death and moves on.

How did brutus react to portia's death?

Portia dies by swallowing fire , or as we would say burning coal . Brutus reacts to her death is sorrow, but in calm sorrow - without weeping and such. He simply accepts her death and moves on.

Who did Brutus betray?

Julius Caesar.It says in the book that Brutus killed him because he was to ambitious..

What are brutus weakness?

Brutus lacked judgment. In the story/play he thought that all men were honorable and trustworthy. He was laterd proved wrong by Cassius.

How was brutus noble?

used as a term of respect meaning that he was famous for high excellence, renouned for chivalry and virtuous deeds, having a noble mind and a courageous nature

Where was brutus buried?

Brutus was not buried. After he committed suicide, he was cremated and his ashes were sent to his mother in Rome.

Who is Brutus' brother?

Marcus Brutus's Brother is Decius Brutus Vice Versa(?) Marcus Brutus had no brother. Decius Brutus was a distant cousin.

What was brutus downfall?

In the play by Shakespeare, Brutus' downfall was his belief that every man was as honorable as himself. He had an unmovable desire to do the most honorable things, which caused him to be easily manipulated. Cassius utilized this and talked Brutus into killing Caesar.

Who are Brutus and Casca?

Publius Servilius Casca Longus and his brother Gaius Servilius Casca participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar despite their family being loyal to Caesar and the two of them being close friends of his. At the time of the assassination Publius was a plebeian tribune. He was the one who strok (MORE)

Portia's character in The Merchant of Venice?

Portia Portia is the rich daughter of Belmont and heiress to her dead father's fortune. We first hear of her as a rich woman who could be the answer to all of Bassanio's money troubles. But Portia turns out to be much more than a rich plot-device. This woman is one of Shakespeare's deeper female cha (MORE)

Why was Brutus upset?

Brutus was rarely upset--he was a stoical type of guy. He did get cheesed off at Cassius for being dishonest with the appointment of officers by selling the offices to the highest bidder (not unlike a recent Governor of Illinois).

What does he want Brutus to do?

In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar , Cassius is jealous and envious of Caesar. He sees Caesar as just an ordinary man, like himself. He tells the story of a time when he rescued Caesar...

Why was Brutus famous?

Marcus Brutus, if that's who you mean, was famous in Rome because of his ancestors. He came from an old Patrician family. His ancestor, Lucius Brutus, was one of the group that overthrew the last king and he was one of the first two counsuls of Rome. We remember Marcus because he was one of the assa (MORE)

Who were Cassius and Brutus?

Marcus Brutus...was an idealist, supported one of Caesar's enemies at one time, feared Caesar's ambition, married to Portia. Caius Cassius...thin, quick-tempered, held a grudge against Caesar, Brutus' brother-in-law.

What does Strato do for Brutus?

Strato holds the sword for Brutus while Brutus runs into it, but Strato asks Brutus to shake his hand first, which Brutus did.

What are some of portia's characteristics in Julius Caesar?

Brutus's wife; the daughter of a noble Roman who took sides against Caesar. Portia, accustomed to being Brutus's confidante, is upset to find him so reluctant to speak his mind when she finds him troubled. Brutus later hears that Portia has killed herself out of grief that Antony and Octavius have b (MORE)

Where is Portia's house key on Animal Crossing City folk?

When a neighbor's key s lost in your town in Animal Crossing, it can be in various places... The most common place to look is in the river. The key will look like a fish but will be a lot smaller. There is no definite place to where a key is to be found

What is Portia's last name in the play Julius Caesar?

Technically Since she is Married To Marcus Brutus, Her last name would Be Brutus The Roman women retained their own names upon marriage. Brutus' wife Portia was Portia Catonis. She was the daughter of Cato the Younger.

Who is Brutus in Caesar?

He is a senator who is said to have stabbed Caesar last and killing him. He committed suicide when being hunted by mark Antony and octavius for the assassination.

What does 'What find I here fair Portia's counterfeit' mean?

There are really two sentences in this quotation, which you can't tell because of not being able to add punctuation. What Bassanio says is "What find I here? Fair Portia's counterfeit!" So, the first sentence. As you know, to make a question you switch around the word order. "I do love you. Do I lo (MORE)