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A 17 year old pupil William Webb Ellis, of Rugby School, Warwickshire. England was reported , while playing football (Soccer) in 1823s 'caught the ball in his arms... and on catching the ball, instead of retiring backwards, rushed forwards with the ball in his hands towards the opposite goal'. This new way of taking on the ball and attacking became very popular. However, at that time the game was very unruly. Teams of up to 100 would play against 75 others. (No fair sides then) The game was to get possession and move the ball toward the goal on the opponents half o f the ground (they were not really marked out as a football or even rugby ground then). The game was more of a field with posts at each end. The idea was to score a goal as in soccer but handing was allowed. The pupils that left the school after this period took the came to universities where it became popular. Other private school in England such as Eton also took to this change in the game they were used to. As it become more popular clubs started to form. A meeting which led to the 'Cambridge Rules' in 1848 was the result of a game between the Old Rugbeians and the Old Etonians. October 26th 1863 was a pivotal moment in the history of football and rugby. The creation of the governing body was part of a series of meetings that would codify the rules of football and see Rugby split form the football Association, Which is where the name Rugby Football came in to being.
In 1895 Rugby League was formed.
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When was rugby created?

Per the "Rugby Football History" link, below, although no one is sure, it is widely accepted that the sport of Rugby was created by William Webb Ellis in 1823.

Where was rugby created?

In Rugby Boarding School, by William Webb Ellis. That is why the World Cup trophy is called the Webb Ellis Trophy

Why was rugby created?

No one knows mate! But this guy was at a rugby school (a football  school at the time) but this guy was playing footie and then he  picked up the ball ran over the line and

Did New Zealand create Rugby?

No they did not, it was a man named William Webb Ellis who was English that first picked up the ball and ran with it in a football match held in the English town called rugby.

When and where was rugby created?

It is recorded as being conceived more by accident than design in Rugby School, Warwichshire, England in 1823 when student William Web Ellis playing football (soccer) picked u

What is the name of the person who created Rugby?

William Webb Ellis is often credited with the invention of running with the ball in hand in 1823 at Rugby School when he allegedly caught the ball while playing football and r