How was the Hubble Telescope transported into orbit?

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HST was transported into orbit aboard Space Shuttle Discovery (mission STS-31) in April 1990. It was scheduled to be orbited earlier, but the shutdown of the Shuttle program following the Challenger accident delayed its deployment, not to mention increasing its maintenance cost because it sat on the ground (about 1 million per day). Astronauts successfully deployed and boosted HST into its orbit altitude of 569nm.

Though any of the Shuttles can perform an HST Servicing Mission, Shuttles Discovery and Endeavour are usually preferred due to their larger payload bays (we can put more stuff in it).

To date, HST has been in orbit and providing science data for over 20 years.
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What does the Hubble Telescope do?

The Hubble Space Telescope, launched in 1990, uses a large hyperbolic mirror to take highly detailed astronomical photographs. Hubble's orbit outside Earth's atmosphere allows it to take extremely sharp images without distortion or light pollution.

What is hubble telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope ( HST ; also known colloquially as "the Hubble" or just "Hubble") is a space telescope that was carried into Earth orbit by the Space Shuttle in April 1990.

What kind of telescope is the hubble telescope?

HST is a Cassegrain reflecting telescope using the\n Ritchey–Chrétien design, with an aperture of 7.9' (2.4m). It has observational ability in the Ultraviolet, Infrared, and Visible light spectrums.

Where does the hubble telescope orbit?

The Hubble is in a nearly circular low Earth orbit at a height of about 350 miles, which means it takes a little over an hour and a half to make an orbit. It's inclined 28.5 degrees relative to the equator, which means the furthest north it ever gets is the very southern tip of Florida or the Sinai (MORE)

When did Edwin hubble invent the hubble telescope?

Edwin Hubble was an astronomer who worked with Earth-based telescopes, and who died in 1953, before the launch of the first artificial satellite. The Hubble Space Telescope was named in his honor almost 40 years later. Additional: (See related links.) If anything can be said to be invented (MORE)

Can you see the Hubble Telescope from a telescope on earth?

You don't even need a telescope to see it. Check out the website: It will have you put in your location, and then it'll tell you when the HST will be visible as a "moving star" from your location, within a couple of hours after sunset or before sunrise. It'll also tell you what (MORE)

How often does the Hubble Space Telescope orbit Earth?

The HST is in a nearly circular orbit at a height of roughly 347 miles above the earth's surface. Depending on its exact altitude ... which varies slightly ... it completes each orbital revolution in 96 to 97 minutes.

Why is the Hubble telescope named after Edwin Hubble?

The Hubble Telescope was named after Edwin Powell Hubble who was an astronomer that confirmed that there were galaxies other than our own Milky Way; the discoveries of other galaxies have been repeatedly confirmed by the observations of the Hubble Telescope.

Can you use the hubble telescope?

Anyone can request observation time on HST - in the past, the Hubble Director has opened up his own time for use by amateur astronomers. Competition for time is fierce though, and is generally given to academics and scientists, though "targets of viewing opportunity" are considered if it falls withi (MORE)

At what height does the hubble telescope orbit?

HST is always in a decaying orbit - over the years it has relied on Shuttles to boost it back into its high orbit after each Servicing Mission. The nominal orbital altitude is around 307 nautical miles, though if no other Servicing Missions are authorized, it will eventually decay in orbit and burn (MORE)

How did they fix the Hubble Telescope?

The slight optical defect (known as a spherical aberration, and less than 4 microns, 1/5 the thickness of a human hair) discovered in the Hubble's primary mirror after it was deployed in space, was corrected by a system known as COSTAR (Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement). Built b (MORE)

Is the hubble telescope still in orbit?

Yes, and it remains operational (we are still receiving images since the last service mission). NASA hopes to retrieve the space craft, so it can be placed in the Smithsonian Institute. That must occur by 2025, or the spacecraft will deorbit itself.

If the Hubble Telescope orbits the earth every 97 minutes how the heck can it stay focused on one thing long enough to get a good picture?

It only has to remain stable around the 3 axes through its center of mass. That's 'relatively' easy to accomplish with gyros and heavy flywheels. Once 3-axis stability is achieved, it doesn't matter where the whole thing goes ... it still stays pointed toward the same field of view for long ex (MORE)

Is the hubble space telescope still in orbit?

Yes. Its orbit is expected to decay some time around 2013-2021. The telescope's last maintenance has pushed its functionality to at least 2014. The HST was deployed from the Space Shuttle Discovery during the STS-31 mission in 1990. April 24, 2012 is the 22nd anniversary of its release into s (MORE)

Is the Hubble telescope in space or on Earth?

The telescope is in space, meaning it is not on the surface of the Earth but it is just about 600 kilometers above the surface (less than one tenth of the Earth's radius above the surface of the planet). So it is very close to the Earth (in solar system reference).

What extreme temperature does the hubble telescope faces in orbit?

The Hubble telescope is located within the upper Thermospheric layer of the earth's atmosphere. Here air molecules are very far apart and temperatures don't stay consistent for very long however, it would be safe to say that the temperature could reach as high as 1,500 °C ( 2,730 °F) and as lo (MORE)

Is Hubble the only telescope orbiting earth?

No, there's a great number of highly specialized telescopes in orbit. The most famous ones apart from Hubble are the Spitzer Space Telescope (for infrared) and the Chandra (for X-rays).

How much does one orbit of observing time on the hubble space telescope cost?

Observing time on the Hubble is not for sale, and you can't buy it. It's allocated by the committee responsible for the use of that resource, to the researchers who submit the proposals that the committee decides will result in the best contributions to the fields of Astronomy, Physics, Cosmol (MORE)