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This wide... Manhattan is 0.8 miles wide at its narrowest point, and 2.3 miles at its widest.
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Who bought Manhattan?

Peter Minuit, the 3rd Director of New Netherland purchased Manhattan from the Lenape Indians for 60 guilders on May 24, 1626. There is a plaza named in his honor in front of

What is Manhattan TMS?

I believe this is Transportation Management System, built by the Supply Chain Lords - Manhattan Associates.

How wide is midtown Manhattan?

Approximately 2 miles (3.22 kilometers). According to the measurements I got using Google Maps and a tape measure, Manhattan Island is exactly: 2.06 miles (3.32 km) or 10,888.

How wide is the Hudson River between Manhattan and Hoboken New Jersey?

According to the measurements I got from Google Maps, it's about 3750 to 4500 feet (1143 to 1372 meters) wide, depending on where you measure (the piece of land occupied by th

Is Brooklyn in Manhattan?

  No. Brooklyn forms the western part of Long Island and once was a separate city before joining Greater New York in 1898. Manhattan is an island, separated from Brooklyn

What is Manhattan?

"Manhattan" is the name of: 1. An alcoholic drink 2. A city in the U.S. state of Kansas 3. An island that is one of the 5 boroughs of New York City 5. A U.S. government proj

Is Manhattan an island?

Yes, Manhattan, the borough of New York City, is an island.

Where is Manhattan?

Manhattan, the borough of New York City, is located at the southermost point of New York State (along with the rest of New York City), at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The

What is the elevation of Manhattan?

The elevation of Manhattan ranges from 1 to 80 meters (3.3 to 265 feet). The Related Link below lists the elevation in meters for 71 points around Manhattan. The average elev

What was the Manhattan Project?

The Manhattan Project was the top secret military endeavor to  build, and detonate the first atomic bomb. It was based at Los  Alamos, New Mexico and headed by Dr. J. Robert
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What is a wide-on?

A wide on is a joking term for a man to brag about the width of his penis or if he says he has a small penis he can say he's got a wide on, meaning his penis is wider than it

What are the neighborhoods of Manhattan?

Note that neighborhoods in New York City do not have precise boundaries. They often overlap with each other, and some neighborhoods are sort of sub-neighborhoods of others. Fo