How wide is big ben the clock tower?

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Is Big Ben a Clock Tower?

Big Ben isn't actually the clock tower. Big Ben is the bell inside the tower. Big Ben is synonymous as the Great Bell, the Clock and the Tower in which it is encased. Origin

Why is the Big Ben Clock Tower called Big Ben?

It is thought it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, a politician ofthe time, and commissioner of the works when the bell was installedin 1856. It was only the great bell that

How did Big Ben Clock Tower get its name?

Big Ben Clock Tower got it's name from the biggest bell inside the Tower, which is only it's nickname. It was supposedly named after Sir Benjamin Hall, an MP of the time and c

Why do people enjoy big ben clock tower?

Because it is an iconic feature of London, known all over the world, in the same way as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Is Big Ben the only bell in the London clock tower?

Big Ben is the nickname of the largest and deepest pitched bell, and it chimes the hour, every hour - once for one o'clock, twice for two o'clock and so on. In addition, ther
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Where can you find Big Ben clock tower?

Big Ben is the name of the famous bell in the clock tower,Elizabeth Tower, adjacent to the Palace of Westminster in London.
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How many faces does the big Ben clock tower have?

The official name for the Big Ben clock tower is actually 'theElizabeth Tower'. The tower has four clock faces. The name "BigBen" actually refers to the largest of the bells i