How you attach game pak on Pokemon Stadium 2?

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With the Transfer Pak accessory (sold seperately) you can connect your Gameboy pokemon games in the pak. Insert the pak into the controller with the game inserted in the pak and turn on Pokemon Stadium 2. The game will detect the pokemon game inserted in the pak and it will appear on the controller menu on the Main Menu.
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Can you trade Pokemon from red blue yellow gold silver crystal stadium or stadium 2 versions to emerald or any of the newer games?

Yes you can. There's 3 sections up stairs of every poke center 1st-trading 2nd-battling 3rd-is the one you want. But the Pokemon you trade from gold/silver have to be in the first generation and only first generation moves. eg, no pursuit or whirlpool etc

Can you trade from Pokemon crystal to Pokemon Stadium or stadium 2 thanks?

You require an N64 controller that can have the GBC games put into them. They don't sell them anymore (they haven't for AAAAAAAAGES) but you might find one on Ebay.

How do you save games to your n64 expansion pak?

On any game that needs the expansion pack, all you need to do is play, and save. Certain games save if you do something vital to the completion of the game. Sometimes, a save option will be located in the menu bar (the strip of options that usually appears when the game is paused.)

Pokemon Stadium 2?

Pokemon Stadium 2 is the sequel to Pokemon Stadium. The gamefeatures all 251 pokemon and allows connectivity to Gold, Silver,and Crystal version. The game features more minigame modes, morefree battle options, a larger gym leader castle, a My Room mode,and even allows connectivity with Mystery Gift.

Your ds cartridge is there then a game pak is there but there is no option migrate fron Pokemon FireRed?

You may have either a dirty DS cartridge or a dirty Fire Red game, so you might want to clean it up, or if it still dosent work, You will need to get the National Dex.

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

you have to have a transfer pack and from the games silver and gold you transfer lugia into ur stadium

How do you control Pokemon Stadium 2 ROM with just the keyboard?

program your controls in a way convenient to you. Its under your emulator joypad options. Might I recommend also getting the latest NRAGE plugin. Go on options (on the emulator project 64) then go on configure controller plugin, then go on digital and type in the keys you want to use for left. right, up, down etc.

When Pokemon emerald has an E on the game pak does that mean its fake?

Not necessarily - it just means it is an American version of the game. The mark is the American age rating and in this case is E for Everyone. European age ratings are numbered and so a British copy of Pokemon will have a 3+ mark.. In general it is very hard to tell if a game is fake from its picture - only when holding the gamebox and instruction manual can you tell by the quality and condition. If the cartridge is black (like most GBA cartridges) then it will definitely be fake as the GBA games have coloured cart cases (red/green/blue respectively).

Can you get in the pal park with out a Pokemon game pak on the Pokemon pearl game because I don't want to buy a game just do that?


How do you get Rayquaza on Pokemon Stadium 2?

You are either not keeping up with Pokemon games or you're stuck in a time warp. There was no data of Rayquaza in Pokemon Stadium 2. But If you mean Battle Revolution, then you need to transfer Rayquaza to your DS via a catridge transfer. Upload the data onto Battle Revolution and Rayquaza is at your will.

Can you clone on Pokemon Stadium 2?

No you cannot clone because once you earn a pokemon, you can use it as much as you want so there is no use of cloning anyways.

How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon Stadium 2?

You have to use the transfer pack and use the Ho-Oh you got in Pokemon Gold,Silver,or Chrystal. Neither him,Lugia,or Mewtwo can be used as rentals.

What is round 2 in Pokemon Stadium?

its basically when you beat EVERYTHING beatable, then Round Two appears and you must do it alllll over again, but harder.

How do you get mew in Pokemon stadium 2?

Beat all the cups in the Stadium, Beat the whole Gym Leader Castle then Defeat your Rival this will give you Round 2 and Mew check the rental sets to see if its there if not do the same thing for Round 2 you should definetely have it now and you will also get Celebi.

Pokemon Stadium 2 all Pokemon?

Pokemon Stadium 2 allows you to utilize all 251 pokemon howeversome are only available through use of the Transfer Pak. Mew andCelebi can be unlocked by completing all modes on Round 2.

If you downloaded a Pokemon Gold SAV file and ROM legally and it worked fine in Stadium 2 via transfer pak how would you play it using an emulator and which one would you use?

Use Project 64 for emulating poke stadium 2. Set up controllers and on control config window click on transfer pak tab and select your Pokemon ROM and game and .sav file. That should be about right... maybe.....

How do you get a Pokemon from prof oak in Pokemon Stadium 2?

Check out one of these sites for more information:

Is 2 pak really dead?

Yeshh, he died on Friday the 13th :\

What is a Nintendo Ds Game Pak?

That's just what they call the game cartridge, a "game pak." I don't know why Nintendo opted to refer to their cartridges that way, but they've been calling them that for years. ~Xeo

How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64?

You must bring a lugia from gold or silver to use it in Pokemon stadium 2.

Where do you buy Pokemon Stadium 2 Nintendo 64 n64 game battle pnp?

This games seems to be 'out of production' which means you need to buy it used; so look at Amazon (used section) E-Bay, etc.

How can you trade from Pokemon Silver to Pokemon Stadium 2 or the original?

You need a transfer pak. There is one on eBay for about 4 dollars.|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1234|293%3A1|294%3A50

How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

You must use a transfer pak and use a gold or silver or crystals lugia to use it on Pokemon stadium 2.

Can you transfer gba Pokemon to stadium 2 not gbc or gb?

I don't think so, but maybe you could, I just heard my one friend say that you could, and another say you can't. So good luck.

What is a game pak on n64?

By Game Pak i'm going to assume you are referring to a controller pak or memory pak. What the controller pak is is a saving device for games you play that require external memory. Normally a controller pak contains 123 pages and games can range from needing 1 page to some that need all 123 pages. There are however the Jump pak and the Expansion Pak for an N64, I may have mistaken your question if it was in regards to one of these. .j.

How do you start a game in Pokemon Stadium 2 N64?

When you turn it on choose White city and you will appear on a screen with lots of stuff use the Control stick to move to Stadium or Oaks lab or Gameboy tower or minigames or free battle or gym leader castle or Rivals cave(only after beating all the stadium tournaments on all levels) Press A on free battle or minigames or gymleader castle then choose your settings 1p vs com where example in free battle, Play a minigame press A on this then Press A or start to come in then ok your settings then press A on a minigame read the directions then press Start to start the minigame, in gym leader castle choose a leader then press A on them then press A on rental Pokemon and choose 6 Pokemon ok your settings and your ready to battle! For the Game boy tower you need a N64 transfer pak inserted in your controller and a gameboy Pokemon game like RED or Blue or even Silver and gold Crystal works too. When your all set up turn on your game and choose GB tower now choose your game and you can play your GB game on your TV!

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2 on emulator?

On an emulator, use cheats. You could only bring Lugia over by connecting with the game cartridge, but you use an emulator, so cheats is the only way.

What does PAK mean on a ds game?

PAK really isn't on DS games, It's on the DS menu. On a normal DS or DS lite, the bottom item on the menu (Excluding the settings button) should say "Game PAK not inserted" or something like that. It basically means there is no game boy game inserted. Game PAK really is a Game boy cartridge.

Battle Mewtwo in Pokemon Stadium 2?

VS Mewtwo is not in Pokemon Stadium 2 instead a VS Rival mode wasmade for the game. The Rival is the rival from Gold, Silver andCrystal officially named Silver.

If you make a Pokemon gba game of your own on a windows computer can you put it on a gba game pak?

wow tough one but i dont think you can really maybe check in pc,gaming stores and store the game on a usb stick and ask them it may cost a lot

Why did Pokemon Stadium 2 don't work on p64?

yea work but not cheats, because im trying at 5 time and doesn't work in project 64. 1.7 "cheats" not game,,

Where can you play Pokemon Stadium 2 online without download?

There's really none for online without download required. All of them are basically for download.

How do you play Game Boy Pokemon characters on Pokemon Stadium?

First you need the special adaptor that plugs into the back of your Nintendo 64 controller. With it you insert either Pokemon red, blue, or yellow. Then you start up the system. Select the game/battle that you wish to enter. When you are selecting Pokemon for your team there is an option to import from your Gameboy game.

Where is the game PAK on a dsi?

If you mean where is the slot for DS games, it's in the same location as on the DS Lite. If you mean where is the slot for Game Boy Advance games, there isn't one.

What 6 Pokemon are best in Pokemon Stadium 2?

well it depends who u r trying to beat but my favorite is Gengar, Riachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Diglett, and Bayleef all around great team

How do you get a Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?

it depends what one you want but just beat all thegyms and you will get some

Where can you buy the Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2 game besides eBay?

Search for Pokemon stadium on Google, then when that page loads press on shopping at the top of the page and that will take you to a bunch of Pokemon stadium games.

What is the best lineup to beat Pryce on Pokemon Stadium 2?

First,you need a fire type with lots o defense and special defense Then Golem Then a grass type like weepinbell or ivysaur,it should have razor leaf A steel type with lots of special defense,but maybe steelix Also vaporeon And last of all,your choice,but I chose primeape,he's really nice against piloswine,ursaring,cloyster and dewgwong

Can you put a Pokemon LeafGreen verison for Game Boy in the dsgame pak slot?

with an r4 you can. you can download leaf green onto the r4 then play it through the ds slot.

How do you choose the register Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?

If you registered Pokemon you just choose the ditto on the far left and choose the registered set you made.

How do you get Pikachu on Pokemon Stadium 2?

well to find a pikachu in Pokemon Staduim 2 First You Have To Select A Good Selection Then When you find Pikachu Battle It And Get it.

How do you fight in Pokemon Stadium 2?

Once you choose your pokemon the battle will begin. Press A andhold down R to see your current moves. Press the C button assignedto the move you want your pokemon to use. For example if you wantyour pokemon to use Psychic and it's assigned on C Up then press CUp.

Do you have to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?

It's not possible to capture Pokemon so no. You can unlock pokemonlike Mew and Celebi.

How do you get Mewtwo for Pokemon stadium 2?

Mewtwo isn't unlockable in Pokemon Stadium 2. You will need toregister it from either Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystalversion.

How do you download Pokemon Stadium 2 for PC?

I got it from free ROMs. Search them up. But when I played it it won't work for my Project 64 for some reason.

Why does it say that this game pak is designed only for use on the game boy colour when you try to play Pokemon Crystal on playrorg?

You are maybe using the wrong system. You can play Pokemon Crystal on VisualBoyAdvance which is the emulator for Gameboy Advance, but it plays Gameboy Colour games, too. If you aren't talking about the download, then you need Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Colour. Edit: I don't really know the answer, this is happening to me too. I believe that this is PlayR's way of displaying a sort of error message. Possibly something happened when you saved. Some stuff I can suggest is clearing your browser's cache, shutting down the computer and restarting it, using a different browser, starting a new game, or using a different computer.

How do you beat Whitney on Pokemon Stadium 2?

Whitney has Normal Type pokemon so it's best to bring pokemon likeMachamp with you as well as any pokemon with high defense likeSteelix.

How do you move around on Pokemon Stadium 2 on the computer?

It depends on your emulation. If your using Vizzed RGR you have to go to the menu and convert it. If your using a 1964, 1964js, Daedalus, Mupen64Plus, Mupen64 Android Edition, N64js, Project64, or Sixtyforce, try going to Tools, Menu, etc. and try going to Configure Controls or something like that and change it to something your familiar with (Arrow Keys, WASD, IJKL, etc.) ~~~~OP6

Can you play 2 player in Pokemon Stadium with 1 controller?

IDK, I'm pretty sure no though because you cant do a 4 player game with 1 controller. 2 people on one controller doesn't work out.

What is the game pak and where does it go?

Can you give me a diagram of how to download a GPS with a USB cable