How you attach game pak on Pokemon Stadium 2?

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With the Transfer Pak accessory (sold seperately) you can connect your Gameboy pokemon games in the pak. Insert the pak into the controller with the game inserted in the pak and turn on Pokemon Stadium 2. The game will detect the pokemon game inserted in the pak and it will appear on the controller menu on the Main Menu.
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When Pokemon emerald has an E on the game pak does that mean its fake?

Not necessarily - it just means it is an American version of the game. The mark is the American age rating and in this case is E for Everyone. European age ratings are numbere

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You are either not keeping up with Pokemon games or you're stuck in a time warp. There was no data of Rayquaza in Pokemon Stadium 2. But If you mean Battle Revolution, then yo

How do you start a game in Pokemon Stadium 2 N64?

When you turn it on choose White city and you will appear on a screen with lots of stuff use the Control stick to move to Stadium or Oaks lab or Gameboy tower or minigames or
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How do you fight in Pokemon Stadium 2?

Once you choose your pokemon the battle will begin. Press A andhold down R to see your current moves. Press the C button assignedto the move you want your pokemon to use. For