Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than cars with standard engines?

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Hybrid cars combine an internal combustion engine with a battery system to improve efficiency. In many cars, this translates into improved fuel economy, but some hybrids use those savings for added power. If you're shopping for a hybrid, check the fuel economy rating!
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Why do cars get better gas mileage than trucks?

Because a truck is typically 1) heavier, 2) less aerodynamic, 3) has lower gear ratios (to better pull/haul a load), and 4) they don't *have* to get good mileage - Federal CAF

What is the average gas mileage for a hybrid car?

There is no "average" mileage for a hybrid. Hybrid is a type of drivetrain, so the question would be like asking what the "average" mileage for a gasoline car is, or a diesel

Hybrid cars get better mileage than cars with standard engines?

The only reason that you should buy a hybrid car is if you live in a big city or do alot of city driving. The reason they get such good gas milage is because most of them run

What non-hybrid car gets the best gas mileage?

I get 40 mpg from my Honda civic HX coupe.. Honda discontinued the HX trim because the mpg was too close to the hybrid. The Honda Civic HX did get Hybrid like mileage which

How is a hybrid car better than a normal car?

This depends on your definition of better. If you are only referring to better fuel economy then a hybrid can be considered better then a conventional powered automobile in so

Why do aerodynamic cars have better gas mileage?

It is very simple as speed doubles resistance quadrouples. It takes less gas to overcome the wind. Try walking in to the wind with a sheetof plywood facing the wind and then p