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Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than cars with standard engines?

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Hybrid cars combine an internal combustion engine with a battery system to improve efficiency. In many cars, this translates into improved fuel economy, but some hybrids use those savings for added power. If you're shopping for a hybrid, check the fuel economy rating!
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Can you get better gas mileage by making hho gas and burning it in your car?

The following is bunk. Don't believe it. The short answer is YES. Many people say NO and I'm going to explain why. The people who say NO have either NOT TRIED IT THEMSELVE

Why do aerodynamic cars have better gas mileage?

It is very simple as speed doubles resistance quadrouples. It takes less gas to overcome the wind. Try walking in to the wind with a sheetof plywood facing the wind and then p

How is a regular car better than a hybrid car?

I am a Hybrid technician, so I guess I can offer some input here. The question is a little strange to me, because most people ask the opposite, How is a Hybrid better than a

What was the gas mileage for a 1950 car?

Depends on the type car. Some cars would get close to 20-24 mpg and larger cars would get less. About 16 mpg was average.

Do hybrid cars last longer than standard cars?

Unknown, but probably not. The battery will probably die first and it is expensive to replace.

Which cars get the best gas mileage?

Here are the highest mileage 2005 model cars. Some older cars meet or exceed these but they are few and far between. Think Geo Metro, Honda Civic CRX, Toyota Starlet, Toyota T

Do hybrid cars use gas?

  A hybrid car uses either gas, or diesel, and electricity. Hybrids are vehicles that use two types of power for their fuel. In fact even submarines are considered hybrids

What is your cars gas mileage?

  Your car's gas mileage is the distance a car will travel in regular driving conditions (city/hwy.) with a certain amount of fuel. Usually, in America, gas mileage is mea

Does a muffler give a car better gas mileage?

Answer . A free flow muffler can improve mileage but by not by much. It would take a long time to recoup the cost of a new muffler.

What was the gas mileage of the first cars?

I,d say 3 to 4 miles Bad guess. Early gas cars had much smaller engines similar to motorcycle engines and the gas mileage for a model T Ford was, and still is for the few stil

Why do cars get better gas mileage than trucks?

Because a truck is typically 1) heavier, 2) less aerodynamic, 3) has lower gear ratios (to better pull/haul a load), and 4) they don't *have* to get good mileage - Federal CA

Why are hybrid cars better than electric cars?

If electric cars are charged using renewable energy then they are  better than hybrid cars, because hybrids still burn some fossil  fuels. However, electric cars charged wit