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I am a closed shape made of 6 line segments. I have 2 angles less than a right angle and no right angles. What shape am I?

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An octagon.
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What shape has 2 right angles 1 acute angle?

No shape does: if it has three angles the sum of the angles will be 180°, but 2 right angles is 2 x 90° = 180° which means the third angle cannot exist.

What shape has 2 right angles but is a quadrilateral?

If you are saying a quadrilateral that only has two right angles I believe it is a trapezoid. A square or other rectangle, all of which have four right angles, also satisfies

Do 3D shapes have right angles?

Yes. A right angle is a two-dimensional feature, so while it can appear in obvious places (the corner of a cube has three of them), it can also appear in places that might not

What shapes have no perpendicular lines and right angles?

Lots of shapes. To start with, an irregular blob (that is a technical term)!
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What shape has 2 right angles 2 acute angle?

No shape does. If a shape has four angles, the sum of the four angles is 360°. If two are right angles, their sum is 2 x 90° = 180°, leaving 360° - 180° = 180° for t