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I am self employed Can a collection agency file a 1099 and garnish your tax return if the debt is over six years old and the debtor has been in Ohio for six years?

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A collection agency has no legal powers. Some agencies are collection attorneys who can file lawsuits. Regardless, no one can seize another person's property without due process according to the persons state of residency laws. In other words they have to take you to court, win a judgment, execute the judgment, this takes a considerable amount of time. The exception is child support and/or spousal maintenance, or a court order that was already in place.
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If it's been over 7 years should you pay off an old credit card debt from a collection agency or just let it go?

I was told this by a lawyer. If you have an old debt that is older than a couple of years "DON'T PAY IT". Don't even talk to debt collectors and if you do never promise to ma

How long will bad debt credit cards stay on your credit report if you haven't made any payments on them and they have been in collections for over six years now?

Actually, the debt (as long as it isn't a bankruptcy or judgement) should be removed from your report 7 years from the date of delinquency. Many collection agencies will wait

While married and self-employed you filed joint tax returns with your now ex-husband who received tax credits for all the 5 years but you had a business so how do you get the tax credits split up?

Answer   If the refund was made out to both spouses then it belongs equally to both unless or until a court rules otherwise.   If the ex-husband forged the wife's sign

What recourse does a collection agency have on a debt that is twelve years old?

This is the SOL, ( statute of limitations for State Oral Agreements, Written Contracts, Promissory Notes, and Open Accounts.And the years they are still able to collect.Alabam

Can a collection agency garnish your wages on a debt that is 11 years old?

  All US states have a statute of limitations concerning the collection of debts.   The longest SOL is 6 years, that being the case it is unlikely that the court would

Can a collection agency collect on a debt that is 10 years old?

Depends on your states statute of limitations. If your state has a 7 year statute than no it can not. But they will try. If statute is not up yet but close to being up then yo

Can a lawyer collect on a debt if the debt is over 8 years old?

  Hello, Please search in google for State Statute of limitation. I could have answered that, if i knew which type of debt it is and which type of contract you have al

Is debt over 7 years old still collectible?

It depends on the Statute of Limitations for your state. If it is longer than 7 years, then it is still collectable although it may have fallen from your credit report. If the

Does a 17 year old file a tax return?

  Generally, they are claimed as a dependent and included with their parents.   However, if that isn't the case, and they made income, they would need and want to.  

If self employed last year and had no sales or tax withheld ie inactive do you still have to file a Schedule C with your Federal tax return and for tax purposes are you still considered self employed?

  Your self employed as you said you are. You just need to show at what...and it was done in hope of profit, although maybe not making any (yet), and not as a hobby. (Any

Can a debtor be sued or wages garnished for credit card debt that is over 10 yrs old if the debtor is considered at poverty level in Nebraska?

Assuming there has been no court judgment entered the clear answer is NO bc statute of limitations has run out in every state assuming judgment. If the judgment can be overtur

Can bank account be garnished if filed by collection agency rather than original debtor?

Yes, it can be garnished by a collection agency (CA). What happens is that the original credit sells the debt to the CA. Then the CA owns the debt. The CA tries to collect fro