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I am self employed Can a collection agency file a 1099 and garnish your tax return if the debt is over six years old and the debtor has been in Ohio for six years?

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A collection agency has no legal powers. Some agencies are collection attorneys who can file lawsuits. Regardless, no one can seize another person's property without due process according to the persons state of residency laws. In other words they have to take you to court, win a judgment, execute the judgment, this takes a considerable amount of time. The exception is child support and/or spousal maintenance, or a court order that was already in place.
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How do you file last year tax return with this year tax return?

You can't. Each year must be filed seperately so you have to file 2 returns. Also, you wouldn't want to because you would lose out...only getting one deduction where 2 are a

Can a collection agency collect on debts that 1099-C have been filed?

No. If the debtor has received notice that the debt has been cancelled (forgiven) they should receive a IRS form 1099-C as the amount of the forgiven debt is now considered ta

What should you do if you receive a 1099-C after you have filed your tax return?

      Amending A Tax Return     You will have to file an ammended return, you can download the form free from the IRS website, but you have to mail it in

Can a collection agency attempt to collect on a debt that is almost 10 years old?

Yes, with 10 years interest. What about statute of limitations? Well, they can sure TRY, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. And if it becomes a case of where they are h

How long will bad debt credit cards stay on your credit report if you haven't made any payments on them and they have been in collections for over six years now?

Actually, the debt (as long as it isn't a bankruptcy or judgement) should be removed from your report 7 years from the date of delinquency. Many collection agencies will wait

Is debt over 7 years old still collectible?

It depends on the Statute of Limitations for your state. If it is longer than 7 years, then it is still collectable although it may have fallen from your credit report. If the

If you are sixty six years old and only have 14000 dollars in income from Social Security do I have to file taxes?

  The answer changes with many factors...age, disability, married or not, etc, and what may be defined as income, may not be what you expect, so looking at this link will

Self-employed tax returns?

Same as any other...the source of the income is different. Some different things may be applicable to fill out...   Those that are self-employed will have to pay self-emplo

If 85 years old do you have to file a tax return?

  Unless you are referring to a STATE tax exemption due to age - during a quick search. I could find no such age exemption for filing U.S. Federal tax returns with the IRS

Can an payday loan collection agency garnish your tax refund?

Depending on the state and the agreement you signed when you took the loan they may have some legal recourse against you. In most cases if you have already paid the interest o

Can a collection agency put a lien on your car or home when you returned the rental property over 3 years ago?

A collection agency doesn't have the power to do anything other that aggravate you. They can with the agreement of the original creditor turn your account over to a collectio

If it's been over 7 years should you pay off an old credit card debt from a collection agency or just let it go?

I was told this by a lawyer. If you have an old debt that is older than a couple of years "DON'T PAY IT". Don't even talk to debt collectors and if you do never promise to ma

Can a collection agency put a judgment against you for an old credit card debt that is 10 years old?

  Answer     You need to have a look at the relevant legislation in your state to ascertain where you stand.     I would suggest that you contact a financi

In Georgia can a collection agency garnish your husbands wages for an old credit card debt that was incurred before marriage that he knew nothing about?

  That of course is why garnishment exists. Noting the claim that he didn't know anything about it is a poor excuse (and entirely different than saying it he didn't incu