I have to say shut up to my sister every day how do you get her to shut up without duck tape?

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There are many ways:
  1. Ignore her; She just wants attention.
  2. Bribe her
  3. Threaten her; in a harmless way
  4. Tell someone
  5. Put her somewhere else
  6. OR you can beat her up.
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Why do people say shut up?

People say shut up so that you can be quiet but shut up is a rather rude way to say it. People say shut up because they want you to be quiet in a mean way and sometimes they try to bring you down with shut up. In casual, friendly speech, "shut up" is sometimes used to express emphasis, disbelief (MORE)

How do you say shut up in German?

"Sei still" is the common more polite phrase when speaking to a friend or family member, meaning "be quiet." For more than one friend or family member, "Seid still"; for a stranger or someone you are formal with, "Seien Sie still." Common vulgar and impolite terms are "Halt die Schnauze" and "Ha (MORE)

How do you make your sister shut up?

Is the problem that your sister is embarrassing you, either in front of your date or in front of family or your, or her, friends by talking about your date, or about you and your date? You don't say whether your sister is older or younger than you; if she's older you could point out that she is a (MORE)

How to say shut up and go away in Chinese?

Shut-Up : bi zui ( 闭嘴) Go Away: zou kai ( 走开 ) To add on to this answer, shut up is pronounced 'bee tzuay'. Go away sound like 'tzoe kye'

How do you say shut up in Chinese?

闭上嘴巴 bì shang zuǐ bā or 闭嘴 bì zuǐ 闭上嘴巴 bì shang zuǐ bā or 闭嘴 bì zuǐ

How do you say 'Shut up' in Hebrew?

sheket (שקט) = silence! tishtok (תשתוק) = shut up, masc. sing. tishteki (תשתקי) = shut up, fem. sing. tistom et ha peh (תסתום את הפה) = plug your mouth (harsh), masc. sing. tistemi et ha peh (תסתמי את ×”× (MORE)

How do you say shut-up in French?

Being French myself... "Tais-toi" (pronounced tay-twah) is indeed the most common, neutralone when you address one person. "Taisez-vous" (tay-zay-voo) isused when you address several people, or someone you wish to beformal with. It translate into "be quiet". Now for the ruder version of "shut up", i (MORE)

How do you say shut up in Arabic?

I've seen it as 'inchev,' but from my recollection in Morrocco the word sounded more like 'imshee.' Male hecklers seemed to understand it just fine. Actually what is posted above is wrong. 'imshee' means walk or go. it is a command. to say shut up you say 'scoat' it is like 's' and then 'coat' (MORE)

How do you say shut up in Japanese?

\n . \nTo tell someone to "shut up", or be quiet, you say うるさい (urusai). This, in actual fact, means (essentially) "You're noisy!". It's a very impolite thing to say, and should never be said to people older than you. You may also say だまれ (damare).

Is saying shut-up lady like?

Depends on the situation. Say it church or business meeting... no not lady like. Say it at bar or ball game with close friends that would be ok. Depends on your personality and who you're with. Saying it to someone in a mean way to get them to be quiet... that would be rude. However saying vulgar wo (MORE)

How do you shut up annoying sisters?

if she is Little. tell her your going to tell your mom or dad if she doesn't. If she is big.... well, try to scream so loud she well stop talking.

How do you say shut up in lebanese?

I think it is LERRE. Not pronounced like Leere, but pronouncedlike leh(lemon)-rreh. Soft sounding of the e. Not sure if this issome near language to lebanese???. ^ I'm lebanese. Lerre, Lehre, Lehherehrhehh.. none of this exists inLebanese. To say shut up, I would say "Skot" (that's a long O).Some l (MORE)

How do you say 'Shut up' in Afrikaans?

You say shut up like this. The polite(er) way will be to say: Bly (pronounced "blay") assesblief ( pronounced "Ah-se-bleaf") stil! A ruder way, e.g. two fighting friends shouting at each other would be: Hou (pronounced "hoa") jou (pronounced like the "o" in the name Jo) bek (pronounced like (MORE)

Why your sister wont shut up?

because she is in need of attention or is just trying to bother you for a recent sibling fight. to make her stop it is possible if you treat her with respect and/or give her some of your TLC.

How do you say 'shut up I hate you' in German?

Well I'm German and we would say "Halt die Klappe! Ich hasse dich!" ------------------------------------------ First I'll give you the words in English, then in German, then how to pronounce it. Shut up- Halt die klappe- halt dee clapper I- Ich- Itch Hate- Hasse- hasse you- dich- ditch So the (MORE)

How do you say shut up in Mayan?

I can't fact check my answer 100%, but I was told many years ago by a young man who claimed to be fluent in mayan, that the correct phrase for "shut up" was "Tsa 'u pa che"

How do you make your sister to shut up?

tom- buy her something or be nice to her... bob- that won't work i tried she will start bitching at me saying why did'nt you buy me a diamond ring and i am sitting her saying wtf is your problem

How do you get your sister to shut up?

First, ask her to please be quiet or stop talking. Don't say it in a bossy tone either because she probably won't listen. If she still keeps talking over and over, ask her again to please be quiet but act more serious and don't be that nice. If she still won't be quiet, then say shut up sis or else (MORE)

How do you get a sister to shut up?

You can easily get her to be quiet by telling her that you'll tell mom or dad. That Card is always a way that you won't get in trouble yourself.

How do you say shut-up ugly in spanish?

Depending on whether you're talking to a male or a female, the Spanish for ugly is feo and fea respectively. The verb "to shut up" in Spanish is callarse , which must be conjugated into the imperative form when using it in this way, which would be callase . Therefore, assuming you're talking t (MORE)

How do you say shut up in indian?

मैं चाहता हूँ आप सभी चौकों पर ऊपर gresed नग्न कुल तो मैं तुम्हें एठ(MORE)

How do you get your big sister to shut up?

A quick note: I am an older sister, the oldest, so this is how you would get me to shut up. First of all, if you are having an argument about something, then make sure that you know what you are talking about, because the more that you argue about something, and you are wrong, the more she will tal (MORE)

How do you say shut up in African?

"African" is not a language. Africa is a continent that contains 54countries and more than 2100 completely different languages. Someestimates place the number of languages at around 3000. If you have any quesitons about African languages, you will have tospecify the language. The most prominent la (MORE)

Can cops say shut up?

Although in other circumstances saying "shut up" might be considered "rude", Law Enforcement officers want and need to quickly get the attention of a person to whom they are speaking. Like parents use with children everyday, "Shut up!" is a quick way to stop someone from talking and to get the perso (MORE)

What to do to shut your sister up?

SMALL SISTERS When they are small beat them up but but only when she is about 6 or 7 if smaller complain to your parents BIG SISTERS when they are big i am not sure but scream or annoy them

How can you say shut up politely?

You might say, "One moment, please." or "Quiet, please." or "Can you keep the noise down?" or "I need some quiet time." "Please shut up."

What is a different way to say shut up?

Ask the person if they know what the meaning of shut up is. Wait for them to answer then say "Well maybe you should use it." Then walk away wearing a troll face. If you can't do a troll face, just say it VERY SERIOUSLY it has the same effect.

Can teacher say shut up to students?

Yes. Think yourself lucky, when I was a kid "shut up" was followedswiftly by a blackboard rubber angled at high velocity aimed at themiscreant making the noise".