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Ich mochte ein stuck kuchen bitte?

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It's not a question that you can ask someone.
Ich mochte means I would like
ein is the indefinite article meaning "a"
stuck means a piece of
kuchen is cake
and bitte means please.

"Ich mochte ein stuck kuchen bitte" is a sentence meaning "I'd like a piece of cake please."
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What does the phrase 'bit em bitte' mean?

The actual phrase you're looking for is 'Bitte, ein bit?'. It's a trademark phrased used by the German beer company, 'Bitburger'. It's very popular in western Germany. The tra

What does bitte mean in German?

Bitte can be translated in many ways depending on how it is used: please you're welcome! (as a reply to Danke!) sure! sorry? pardon? excuse me? eine Bitte: a request a plea a

How to say Bitte meine freund in English?

  That would be translated ...Please my friend

What does fuer mich bitte mean?

für mich bitte = for me please

What does Kuchen mean?

Kuchen = cake

What can you do with an ein?

  Well from I know, you can open a business bank account, you can use it to get discounts on all types of things. One time I called Pep Boys and asked how much for two t

What does ich mochte mean in English?

mochte is the 1st and 3rd person past tense of the verb mögen and translates as liked - Ich mochte sie - I liked her. Compare with möchte which is the first person present t

What does auf deutsch bitte mean?

in english it means 'in german please'

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