If a baby breaks out in a cold sweat and drops in body temperature what temperature is too low?

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four degrees Fahrenheit
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What is too low for the coolant temperature in my car?

i wouldn't say there is a temp that is too low for your engine to run. the cooler it runs the less heat your heater will be able to put out though. if it is running cooler than normal your thermostat may be stuck open, which will give you trouble in warmer temps.

Is a low body temperature bad?

A baseline body temperature is 98.6F degrees. But adults can runone degree higher or lower and still be their normal temp.

What body temperature is too high?

When your body temperature reaches 103 or more, then it is toohigh. This indicates that there is a fever and a person should seekmedical attention, especially if it has been more than three days.

How do sweat glands regulate body temperature?

Maintenence of a stable body temperature requires that the amount of body heat lost is balanced by the amount produced. Heat is a product of cellular metabolism; thus, the more active cells of the body are the major heat producers. These cells include the skeletal and cardiac muscles cells and the c (MORE)

What temperature water is too cold for a goldfish?

Aslong as it is a gradual decrease in temperature (i.e. not taking a fish from 60 degree water and throwing it into 33 degree water) the fish can survive right up to freezing water. In an outdoor pond setting aslong as an area below the ice for swimming remains unfrozen, they can survive.

What is too low of a temperature for a newborn baby?

97.5 is too low. Our NICU would not release our baby unless he could keep his temp above this on his own (open air bassinet wearing clothes and blankets). Our ped was concerned that we had to take him outside wearing 2-3 layers in August and he was still having trouble keeping above a 97.5. hths

What causes a low body temperature?

Try looking up "Wilson's Temperature Syndrome." An imbalance of the hormones the Thyroid produces. The typical thyroid test may show that it is working normally, which it probably is. Good luck.

At what temperature is it too cold to snow?

There really is no set temperature. When you get way, way below zero, you can still get "snow". It's basically diamond dust though, which condenses (deposits, actually) right out of the air at those vapor pressures. Though that technically isn't snow I think because it isn't precipitation. Either wa (MORE)

How does sweating control your body temperature?

As the sweat evaporates from your skin it takes some of your body's heat with it. Think about water evaporating, you always need a heat source - the sun, the stove, etc.- for the sweat to turn from liquid to gas it also needs heat which it pulls from your body. This in turn lowers your body temperat (MORE)

Your temperature is 95.3 Is that too low?

Well possibly. if you just had a drink smoked or ate right before taking your temp. then it is not too low. If you did wait about 15 min. and then take your temp. if it did not change then yes you are sickk

What does low body temperature indicate?

a low body temperature could mean nothing. I have a lower body temp then most people and I'm healthy as a horse. Or it could mean that your going into shock. That's unlikly though.

Is 35.1 a low body temperature?

i am no doctor but i think 35.1 is a low body temperature. maybe you took your temperature wrong...so try taking it again. 35.1 degrees Celsius is about 95.18 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the optimum temperature for your body to be working at its best is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 37 degrees (MORE)

How is sweat important to regulating body temperature?

\nPerspiration (also called sweating or sometimes transpiration) is the production of a fluid, consisting primarily of water as well as various dissolved solids (chiefly chlorides), that is excreted by the sweat glands in the skin of mammals.[1] Sweat contains the chemicals or odorants 2-methylpheno (MORE)

What is a sweat gland that maintains body temperature?

In humans, there are two kinds of sweat glands which differ greatly in both the composition of the sweat and its purpose.. a: Eccrine gland :- These produce sweat that is composed chiefly of water (99%) with various salts. The primary function is body temperature regulation. It contains minute a (MORE)

What causes body temperature to drop?

When a personâ??s body temperature drops, it is usually causedbecause someone is exposed to extreme cold temperatures. There arealso disorders and medical conditions that may cause hypothermia.

How does sweat regulate body temperature?

When we get heated we sweat. The sweat will then evaporate off the skin and has a cooling effect on our body. If one is going to be in a situation with high temperatures, sweating because of vigorous activity, or if one has a fever; it is wise to drink plenty of fluids. Fluids keep the body from deh (MORE)

What is the key reason for preventing your body temperature going too high or low?

Well the key reason for preventing you body temperature going too high or low is first off controlled by homeostasis. To prevent us from say hypothermia of heat stroke, are body goes through positive and negative feed back. What those two are is the body's mechanism from distinguishing what has a so (MORE)

Is 67.8 too low a body temperature?

YES. Anything below 95F can indicate a serious health problem. Usually with the thyroid or adrenal gland, though it could be a slew of other issues. A temp of 67.8 would require immediate physician care.

Is 34.3 low body temperature?

i have a temperature of 34.3 most days. At night i shiver even with the heating on . The doctor has checked for thyroid but says he is not concerned with thyroid levels. should i be concerned,

What happens to mammals when their body temperature drops too low and why does the body display such a reaction?

When a mammal's body temperature drops below the normal temperature at which most body functions remain functioning, they are said to be in a state of hypothermia. Hypothermic mammals display symptoms such as slow respiration and heart rate, lowered blood pressure, shivering, eventually a loss of co (MORE)

How sweating can reduce the body temperature?

Sweating secretes fluid onto your skin. As the heat in your body excites this fluid (heats it), it draws energy out of your skin and causes the fluid to evaporate. Since it is drawing thermal energy out of your skin, it cools, thus cooling the blood vessels in your skin (which are dilated due to you (MORE)

Why does body temperature drop when you get sick?

it doesn't drop, it increases -------- Although increased temperature (fever) is a common symptom of sickness, some people do often experience a temperature drop when sick. Certain viruses may cause this reaction. Although this doesn't really explain why, rest assured that a temperature drop wh (MORE)

What temperature is too cold for wasp?

I think that when it gets to be about 60 F at night, and 72 during the day. I live in the country in Mississippi, and we had several wasp nests on our house this summer, but now it's getting down to about 60 at night, and I haven't seen a single one.

Is body temperature of 34.9 too low?

Anything below 35C is considered Hypothermia. I just had 34.9 myself after a cool day and a frozen berry smoothie. I was cold as heck and checked on Wikipedia and it said anything below 35. Though its mild as it barely qualifies as hypothermia.

Is 35.4C temperature to low for a baby?

Yes, it is very low even for a grown up. 35º Celsius is the same temperature as hypothermia victims, so expect extreme shivering, blue/gray skin and numbness as well.

What is abnormally low body temperature?

The condition of an extraordinarily low body temperature is known as hypothermia. The adverse is hyperthermia, which is the condition of an extraordinarily high body temperture.