If a cow was able to learn karate and karate chops a pig will fish be able to fly?

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What is karat?

Karat is what you use to tell how rare something is like diamonds or gold. For example, 1 karat gold earrings are the least rare and 24 karat gold earrings are the most rare.

How do you karate chop a piece of wood?

Depends on the position of the board, and the technique used (Knife hand strike, or upset knife hand strike). Their really is no way to explain this. I suggest not trying to d

What do you do in karate?

In my karate, we do a type of karate called Tang so doo. There is also taekwondo, which is more action while Tang So Doo is more defensive. There are forms and different types

How dangerous is a karate chop?

Depends on where you strike. You can kill someone by chopping theirtrachea or just make them mad by hitting their torso

What do you learn from karate?

How to be a better person. Patience. Blocks, more hands than feet attack & defense, kicks, throws, joint locks, pressure points, chokes, restraining.

What you learned about karate?

Self-Discipline and Self-Defense. I learned that it's important to work hard to achieve what you desire and that you should always set yourself goals.
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How can a karate chop break a board?

Speed and mass combine to apply the necessary force. It also requires the mind to understand that pain does not necessarily mean damage. And don't try it unless you have be
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When do you learn karate?

When you think you are ready and have developed a passion for it which will keep you going.
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Why learn karate?

Karate is a good way to self defense. Also you can learn many cool techniques to show off to your friends. It tones your body and makes you healthier. It is a healthy activit