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If a is bigger than b and b bigger than c which statement must be true?

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if a is bigger than b and b is bigger than c a must be bigger than c... Transitivity
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Is it true that 0.099 is bigger than 0.1?

No not at all, you see 0.1 is equivalent to 0.10 or 0.100 or ever many zeros you would like to add after the 1 the value will stay the same. So you see, 0.1000 is bigger than

Is Saturn bigger than Jupiter?

Jupiter is bigger than Saturn. Saturn's rings extend far out, but  these don't really count as part of the planet. It only appears  that Saturn might be larger as it is clos

What states are bigger than Colorado?

Colorado is the 8th largest state, so the other 7 states (in order of rank) are Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada

What is bigger than you?

a dinosaur on the moon? nope, its probably going to be a monkey with a banana...mounted ray-gun? A giant

Is 5.15 bigger than 5.2 which is bigger?

Yes, 5.2 is bigger than 5.15 you can tell this by looking at the tenths place. And since 2 is bigger than one 5.2 would be bigger.