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If a surviving spouse is not named the beneficiary of a retirement account can this be contested?

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if they did not name anyone else then yes it can be contested
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In Indiana is the surviving spouse responsible for repayment of debt when the deceased spouse was the only account holder and could a lien be placed on the home?

  Answer     No, Indiana is not a community property state.     Indiana is a Tenancy By The Entirety state which means jointly owned marital property pass

Can a spouse contest life insurance?

Contest it how and why? I am going to have to assume that you are  saying someone died and had a girlfriend or someone else as the  beneficiary on a life insurance policy an

In the state of Georgia if a spouse receives life insurance benefits is the surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse debt if surviving spouse's name is not on any of the debt owed?

  In Georgia, as in most states, life insurance proceeds to a named beneficiary become the property of the beneficiary and are therefore not accessible to the creditors of

Does an executor have to show an accounting to the beneficiaries?

First remember that an executor has no power or authority until they have been appointed by the probate court. Once appointed they must file an inventory of the decedent's ass

Does a spouse have to be a beneficiary?

  Answer   No, but if they aren't, they usually have to sign a document in front of witnesses that they know they are not going to get it. Otherwise they will sue th

Do you need to open an estate account if you are a surviving spouse?

The method in which a deceased person's assets and debts are handled depends upon whether there was a Will and/or the laws of the state in which the person resided at the time

Can you contest the life insurance beneficiary on payment of death benefits?

You can contest who the payment was made in a court of law, but that is not to say you can stop the Insurance company from paying the money to the chosen beneficiary on record

What is life insurance spouse rider beneficiary?

Life insurance policies are extremely flexible. For instance if you have a policy on someone there can also be added to this policy a rider to provide term life insurance to c

How do I find out if I am a beneficiary on a bank account?

That information is private between the account owner and the bank. Many people execute beneficiary forms on their accounts to bypass probate. If the owner of the account is a

In Texas does your legal spouse have to be named as your beneficiary even if you have not been together for 12 years but are not divorced?

From an Insurance agentNO, your spouse does not have to be named as your beneficiary in Texas nor any other State in the USA. You may name any beneficiary you like. A spouse,

Can creditors go after an ex-spouse if his or her name is not on a credit or mortgage account?

In non-community property states, creditors can only go after the person(s) who signed on the account to be responsible. So, normally creditors may NOT go after ex-spouses (o

Is a surviving spouse in Pennsylvania responsible for repayment of a credit card debt when his deceased wife was the authorized user on an account that was held by her deceased mother?

  No.   Only the account holder is responsible for repayment of debt incurred on a credit card.   An authorized user is not responsible for repayment, but in this ca