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If a surviving spouse is not named the beneficiary of a retirement account can this be contested?

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if they did not name anyone else then yes it can be contested
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In Indiana is the surviving spouse responsible for repayment of debt when the deceased spouse was the only account holder and could a lien be placed on the home?

  Answer     No, Indiana is not a community property state.     Indiana is a Tenancy By The Entirety state which means jointly owned marital property pass

What to do when you are New Jersey Surviving spouse and there is a joint bank account?

If you are the surviving spouse, you are considered what is called a "Class A" beneficiary, meaning there is no inheritance tax on the property you inherit or take by right of

In New Jersey is the surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt when the account was solely in the name of the deceased spouse?

  Answer     No, New Jersey is not a community property state.     It does however recognize Tenancy By The Entirety when it pertains to real property. Th

Is a surviving spouse in Arizona responsible for repayment of a credit card debt when the account was solely in the name of the deceased spouse?

The assumption is that the wife inherits at least half, if not all, of the husband's assets. But the estate has to liquidate all the credit card debts before the can transfer

Does a spouse have to be a beneficiary?

Answer . No, but if they aren't, they usually have to sign a document in front of witnesses that they know they are not going to get it. Otherwise they will sue the life i

What happens when there is no named beneficiary to a bank account?

It becomes an asset of the estate. It will be inventoried with the other assets. It can then be used to pay debts and then distributed to the beneficiaries per the will or t

Do you need to open an estate account if you are a surviving spouse?

The method in which a deceased person's assets and debts are handled depends upon whether there was a Will and/or the laws of the state in which the person resided at the time

If no beneficiary is named on the life insurance policy is the surviving spouse the default beneficiary?

Answer   Life insurance is a great thing: you can ensure that a loved one will continue to have the life style that they are accoustmed to should you pass on. When the po

If a spouse dies and leaves bills in their name is the surviving spouse responsible for those bills?

If the deceased had unsecured debts in their name only, and the married couple did not reside in a community property state, only he/she is liable for the debt(s). If it is a