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If a surviving spouse is not named the beneficiary of a retirement account can this be contested?

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if they did not name anyone else then yes it can be contested
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Should children or the surviving spouse be the beneficiary?

This is a good question. The answer depends on what your are makingthe beneficiary designation for. That is, an estate, trust, lifeinsurance policy, IRA or retirement account,

If no beneficiary is named on the life insurance policy is the surviving spouse the default beneficiary?

Answer   Life insurance is a great thing: you can ensure that a loved one will continue to have the life style that they are accoustmed to should you pass on. When the po

In Wisconsin is the surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt when the account was solely in the name of the deceased spouse?

  Answer     Wisconsin is not considered a "true" community property state in the sense that the surviving spouse is automatically responsible for the debts of a

Is the surviving spouse liable for the deceased spouse's debt if their name is not on the account?

  Answer     If the couple resided in a community property state it is possible for the surviving spouse to be responsible for debt incurred by a deceased spouse

Is a surviving spouse in Arizona responsible for repayment of a credit card debt when the account was solely in the name of the deceased spouse?

The assumption is that the wife inherits at least half, if not all, of the husband's assets. But the estate has to liquidate all the credit card debts before the can transfer

Can you contest a beneficiary of an IRA account?

The legal system generally will allow you to contest anything you like. However, you chances of changing a designated beneficiary on someone else's IRA are slim. If you decide