If the Home Owners Association for a condominium community hires a roofer to make repairs to the common area and there is damage to a unit owners personal property who is responsible for the damages?

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It all depends.

Depending on the insurance policy you carry on your personal property, and depending on the insurance carried by the association and the insurance carried by the roofer, there would be some number of possibilities for who ultimately pays.

If I were you, I'd document the loss of my personal property and include photos. I'd verify the association's insurance coverage (carrier name, policy # if available) and the roofer's insurance coverage (carrier name, policy # if available).

Then I would file a claim with my insurance carrier and pass the other coverage details along with the claim and let my carrier decide who should pay.
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If a roofing company hired by the owner provides shoddy work and the ceiling collapses on your possessions who is responsible for the damages to the possessions?

The roofer and ultimately the liability insurance co of the roofer.The roofer will likely be held responsible in the end but thetenant has no relationship to the roofer. The tenant has arelationship with the landlord and it is the landlord'sresponsibility to see that a roof was in proper condition. (MORE)

How can a Sheriff's Department arrest you on property damages when the property owner hasn't filed charges?

To place a person under arrest, all that a law enforcement officer needs is Porbable cause. Probable cause is knowledge that a crime has been, or is about to be, commited. If an individual has damaged property, or is in the act of doing so, it gives the officer all they need to place that person und (MORE)

Does home owners insurance cover water damage?

Some Home Insurance Policies will cover resulting water damage from anaccidental water discharge and some will not. You have to read yourpolicy and see if you have coverage for water damage. You will also needto call a plumber for a service call first though. Basically youare looking for language i (MORE)

If common areas in a housing community are still owned by title by the developer never titled to the Home Owners Association who is responsible for the upkeep and liability of those common areas?

This is not a legal answer; your answerer is not an attorney. If the association can verify that title remains in the developer's name, the association may be able to recover costs it has expended to keep up the common areas. Legal counsel is required to take action against the developer. The key (MORE)

Damage to property cause owners neglect?

Property damage is covered by a property liability insurancepackage. This applies to all incidents in which an automobilecauses damage to another person's property such as a fence orhouse. If you do not have property liability insurance, the driveris responsible for covering the damages out of pocke (MORE)

Can your home owners association access your property to repair interior dirt roads?

Read your governing documents to verify the line where your private, individual ownership stops and the common area or limited common area begins. 'Interior dirt roads' implies the interior of the gated community. It may be that access is over limited common area or common area, and not your 'priva (MORE)

If a co owns a veh and is self insured and then hires a driver for that vehicle from another co and the driver has an accident on the vehicle owners property which co would be responsible for damage?

A company owns a truck that is used to move semi-trailers and this company is self insured has leased a driver from another company and the driver has an accident on the truck owners property that involves only the truck who would be responsible for the damages. The company who owns the truck and th (MORE)

How can a Homeowners association recover for damage to community property?

Your answer depends on many variables including: . What is the extent of the damage? . Who caused the damage? . What insurance carried by the association is invoked based onthe damage? . What is the deductible for the category of damage? Best practices dictate that the damage be reported to t (MORE)

Is the owner of a condo unit responsible for water damages from a leak in his unit to a unit below?

Only if the owner above was negligent somehow. A pipe simply bursting suddenly and without warning would not trigger any liability of the unitowner. However, if the unitowner above was filling his bathtub, and decided to go out for dinner and the tub overflowed....there might be some negligence o (MORE)

If the primary owner is involved in an accident can the cosigner be held liable for personal or property damage?

I am not an attorney but to my understanding, yes they can!! The other party just has to prove your at fault. For instance, you co-signed which allowed the primary to get the vehicle which did the damage without you the primary couldn't of gotten the loan and therefore it is your fault. The only way (MORE)

Who is required to pay for damages to personal property caused by a roofing co hired by your Condo Home Owners Association?

Take your evidence and your claim to the board, and work with them to determine which insurance company pays for the damage, yours or the master policy that covers the association. Depending on the value of the damages, it could be covered by an amount which is less than the deductible. Update (MORE)

Is condominium association ever responsible for interior water damage due to burst pipes?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look there to find the boundary between an owner's property and the common property. This boundary can be, the 'skin', the paint, the plasterboard, the studs and so forth: there is no standard boundary nationwide. Each state may define th (MORE)

Is a California roofer responsible for damage inside the home if the new roof they put on leaks?

how could it be anyone else's fault? Yes it is obviously their fault and their liability insurance should pay for it. If they don't want to submit the "claim" to their insurance company they should repair it or pay out of pocket for the damages done because of their incompetence. Possible exceptions (MORE)

Can the Condominium Owners Association in Hawaii evict a unit owner who is undesirable?

Read your governing documents to determine which owner behaviours violate the agreements that the owner signed when the owner purchased a unit. 'Undesireable' is a judgmental word that requires more precise definition. 'Drug dealer', 'non-payer of assessments', 'brothel keeper', 'noisy party host' (MORE)

Will home owners insurance repair or replace your home when it is damaged?

It depends upon the cause of the damage or destruction. An insurance policy is a contract. As such, it defines the scope of the losses, and the causes of loss, for which it will pay. It also specifies how much it will pay for stated kinds of damage. The policy also states that certain losses and (MORE)

Can a condominium Home Owners Association person enter exclusive use areas without permission?

It depends on the status of the person or who the person is. . If the person is simply another member of the association, and is not entitled access to the exclusive use area, then permission is probably required. . If the person is a board member, this person may be automatically entitled acces (MORE)

Can a limited common area be in an owners unit?

Read your governing documents to determine whether the interior of an owner's unit is included within the definition of limited common area for your property. Typically, limited common areas serve some -- even one, but not all -- owners. The association retains duty for maintenance, preservation a (MORE)

Can an Home owners association put a lien on your property even while you are making payments?

You are not clear about who you're making payments to: the mortgage company for your mortgage, or to the association to pay assessments that are in arrears. If you mean payments to make up arrears, and the association filed a lien on your title, review the agreement that you made with them about m (MORE)

Does auto owners home insurance cover raccoon damage?

racoon is an animal dumboo. i swear what a language, write probably next time. . oh and if u want it for your essay or assignments, wateva u want it for... . don't write my answer!! . obviously 0_0 . since ur stupid enough to write "racoon" lol, you definetly need help dude!! . Bye 0_^

Who is responsible in a Miami for a water damage in a condominiums?

Responsibility depends on the details. For example, if the bathroom in the unit above yours springs a leak and damages your bathroom the upstairs owner is responsible for the damages. If water seeps in from some outside source it may take an expert to determine who is responsible for repairs. Wat (MORE)

Is condominium Homeowners Association responsible for personal property when water damage occurs?

Two issues arise here: repair/ replacement and payment for water damage. One can assume that the personal property involved in the water damage event was located inside your unit, or inside your assigned storage area. Properly, personal insurance covers these personal items. You are well advis (MORE)

What happens if you damage someone else's car and you want to pay repair company and not owner?

Well, you can not force someone to repair their own property. Your financial responsibility obligation is to the injured party, not to a repair shop. If you are liable for damages to someone else's property or vehicle, you are required to compensate that person for the loss you caused. You can no (MORE)

Is the condominium association responsible for damages caused by vandalism?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the assets that were vandalized. Your first task is to document the vandalism and report it to the police. Depending on the vandalism, you may be forced to separate the repair from who pays for it. Best practices dictate that you work closely w (MORE)

Can home owners insurance pay for a repair or replace the air conditioning unit if damaged by a friend or neighbor?

You would need to contact your insurer and ask them. Not allpolicies cover the same things. There are many options and levelsof coverage available for homeowner to choose from. Your AirConditioning unit is covered for the same perils as the rest ofyour home, Typical perils are Fire, Wind, Hail, etc. (MORE)

Is there an existing list for condominium associations and home owners assciations for the state of Illinois?

In direct answer to your question, probably no official list exists. (Many of us want the same answer, but for our own counties and states. About 60% of the urban population of the USA, which is about 80% of its population, live in 'commonly owned housing', such as condominiums, co-ops and home o (MORE)

Can a homeowner association remove an owners trash from community property?

If your governing documents state that an owner's property -- or the common areas -- must remain in a 'neat and tidy condition', and the property is not being maintained to that standard, there are options that the association can execute in order to remedy the situation. Read your governing docum (MORE)

Who is responsible for property owner association fees?

The owner of a property is responsible for paying association assessments. This is made clear in the governing documents signed at the time of purchase. More Detail These days, however, unless the association's governing documents are specific, some banks that end up holding title to associatio (MORE)

Can a home owners association stop the sale of a property?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not your association holds 'the right of first refusal', or may hold other rights that can be exercised prior to your right to sell. If you owe the association money, the association may file a lien against your title, which clouds it, and whi (MORE)

Is a home owners association responsible for electrical cables?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the subject electrical cables. Your local electric supplier may also have documents you need to review to determine ownership. There is no standard. For example, as an owner, you may be responsible for the cables contained within your unit bound (MORE)

Can the home owners association foreclose a property?

State laws vary. Generally, if the lien is of a considerable amount the HOA could obtain a judgement lien and then seize the property under the judgment lien. A prudent homeowner would pay the outstanding arrears since the legal process of a lawsuit and seizure would add considerable costs to the am (MORE)

Will home owners insurance pay for personal property damage to your above ground swimming pool?

Homeowners Insurance and Above ground Pools If the damage was due to a covered cause under the policy then yesit will most likely be covered. The cause of the damage is usuallythe most important fact. Answer You should contact your insurer or your insurance agent. Most Homeinsurance policies pro (MORE)