If verbal abuse is getting worse since the third marriage can a family member step in without social services getting involved or would it be better to start taking foster parent training?

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It is always admirable for any person who believes a child is being abused to take steps to correct the situation. However, 'stepping in' to such a stituation is most definitely not advisable as such actions regardless of how well meaning sometimes create a more hostile environment for all the parties involved. Foster parent classes are an option, but no guarantee that the concerned individual will be placed in that position if the circumstances arise. One suggestion would be for the concerned individual to discuss the specifics of the situation with a social worker, clergy member, counselor, etc. who is qualified and experienced in domestic/child abuse matters before taking any other action.
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What steps can you take to make sure a verbally emotional abuser who refuses to leave gets help no matter what his reaction may be when you confront him?

My ex husband refused to leave all the time. Then one day I looked at him and said get out and that was that. Call the Police ahead of time, even if he has never gotten physically violent. Better to have the Police show up to nothing than put yourself at risk. Once you know the Police are on there w (MORE)

What are the chances that a verbally abusive parent will continue the abuse after his child becomes an adult and what can be done to make sure the parent gets the message that Enough is Enough?

Answer . \nAbusive people don't get "enough is enough." I have no idea how old the parent is, but medications can certainly contribute to anger outbursts, bad behavior, or sometimes the start of Alzheimer's or Dementia (this can start at much earlier ages than doctors had anticipated previously. (MORE)

What steps can you take to protect yourself against a verbally abusive parent since there are currently no laws regarding verbal abuse and you know that just leaving won't solve the problem?

Answer . If you are a minor, you can privately go to a lawyer and discuss your situation and what options you may have. \n. \nIf you feel you cannot take legal steps, the best thing to do is to start preparing for the future you can make. Get as good of grades in school as possible, take both th (MORE)

Could a 17 year old in Pennsylvania move out of her parents house if she is being abused without having to go to a social service?

\nThis is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply.\n. \nIn most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the ability (MORE)

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What should you do when you have been with a guy for a year now and the verbal abuse is getting worse and he says it is just fun but it is at your expense?

Where Verbal Abuse Leads . I think the key words here are "getting worse," "fun," and "my expense." First of all, since when is it ever fun to abuse someone verbally? Believe me, that is a problem caused by the way he views himself, some inner conflict, or other problem that HE HAS. I doubt tha (MORE)

Why do women have trouble getting over verbally abusive men?

It's hard for a woman to get over a verbally abusive man because the abuse was directed at her self-esteem and self-confidence rather than her physically. People look at a woman who's been physically abused and they can obviously see the injuries caused by the abuse, but with verbal abuse it's diffe (MORE)

How many women gets verbally and physically abused?

Answer There is no definite way to answer your question as there are no stats kept on such matters especially verbal abuse, as it's not a crime to verbally abuse somone. As for the physical abuse, Police departments who have files on these matters don't release them to the public at large. And a lot (MORE)

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How do you stop verbal abuse in marriage?

\nYou try to discuss the issue calmly and set new ground rules, so to speak. But if this fails, especially over and over, it may mean that you are involved with an abuser, and usually they don't change.

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Would getting her family together to do intervention Help her to realize she has an abusive problem?

Interventions are pretty much a one-shot deal. If they fail, they usually do so spectacularly and can rarely be repeated effectively. They are not something that one simply sits down and does. Family members are too emotionally involved with the presenting member to be able to pull them off on their (MORE)

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Should you contact somebody about a verbally abusive step parent?

If you are a minor then you can go to Child Aid and report the abuse. They will investigate in a discreet manner and not give out your name. If you are not a minor and still live with your step parent then consider moving out. If you do not live at home, but have siblings that are putting up with ve (MORE)

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What steps can families take to end abuse?

A general talk with all the family members helps a lot. Help is family bond too. But if its outta control, visiting the police station is the best option. I hope I was of some help. :D

Can a 15 year old who is being verbally and mentally abused in the state of georgia live with a friend s parent without having to return to the biological family?

The 15yo and the friends parent can not decide this by themselves. Unless your parents give permission for you to move you have to contact the Child Protective Service and tell them you are being abused. They will consider and evaluate your friends home when your friends parents let them know they a (MORE)

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Can a 16-year old legally move out without parents permission in Tennessee and live with another family member if there are signs of verbal domestic abuse?

Generally, unless the minor is in actual physical danger, minorscan't move out without the permission of either their parents orlegal guardians or a court. Can you petition a court for permission? Sure. Can you just do iton your own? Heck no, and if you try it and your parents feel likebeing nasty (MORE)

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