If you are in Army ROTC and get a scholarship are you obligated to Army?

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I believe that you are only obligated if they pay for the last two years of college. In my day I could turn down the scholarship after the first two years and not owe anything. They will explain it, if they don't explain it to your satisfaction, ask!
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What does the army do?

the army go around and shoot stuff. The British Army is the best trained in the world and rely on tactics and other such tecnical euipment in order to get the job done, whereas all ofther army forces in any country arent as good Kill people. In the United States: The United States Army is an orga (MORE)

What is the Army ROTC program in college?

A Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is a college-based, officer commissioning program, predominantly in the United States. It is designed as a college elective that focuses on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning, and professional ethics. . For the source and (MORE)

How many people apply for ARMY ROTC scholarships?

I am still trying to figure out how many people apply for Army ROTC scholarships, but I do know that only about 2,000 4-year scholarships are given out each year. There are also 3 and 2-year scholarships given out on college campuses, but the number of those varies.

What aid do Army ROTC scholarships provide?

The military ROTC scholarships are pretty much the same across the board. The scholarship provides full tuition, lab fees, uniforms and books for the students. It provides a small stipend each month (it was $100 a month when I was in, but I believe it has gone up.) There is also payment during the s (MORE)

Is the army for you?

The army is for to protect the country the army's in. It's not for you, if you mean for you to join, there is certain requirements that needs to be met, like you never went to jail, or be a Canadian Citizen, etc.

How do you get in the army?

Do some research by going to www.goarmy.com, then you have to contact a local US Army recruiter by either walking in to the office or by calling and setting an appointment. You will take a practice test at the recruiting station and if you score high enough they will set you up to take the ASVAB , (MORE)

What is army?

An army, besides the generalized meanings of 'a country's armed forces' or its 'land forces', is a type of formation in militaries of various countries

What three colleges in South Dakota offer army ROTC programs?

You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboard.com/splash/ and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links section (College Board) indicated below this answer box, which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and (MORE)

Why do you have army?

The army is like a large city. In the military, you have swimming pools, restaurants, lots of things you have in a normal city. There are lots of jobs in the army. You can be a military policeman, you can be a lawyer, doctor, medical sergeant, part-time soldier, armored officer (tank driver), lots o (MORE)

Why did you enroll in Army Junior ROTC?

I have many reasons for enrolling in JROTC. JROTC is all about me. It i devoted to my developement as both a student and a person. Although JROTC is very demanding I enjoy the challenge and the discipline. It improve my studing and test taking abilities and help me better focus on academics. JROTC a (MORE)

What was the army for?

The army is used to protect their own country of war. Sometimes there's missions that even an undercover police agent can't handle, that's when the army comes in.

Why be in the army?

Back During WW2 and WW1 the main reason to be enlisted was because everyone else was doing it and because fighting for your country was the honourable thing to do. Some places had conscripts (like Singapore today) Where once you're 18 you have to do two years in the army. Now the allure of the army (MORE)

What do you have to do to get into the army?

To enlist in the US Army, you must have or in the process of attaining: A high school diploma/GED/College Degree A social security card A drivers licenses or state issued ID card Proof of birth, Birth Certificate Marriage certificate (if married) Spouse and children's Social security card, Birth (MORE)

What major should i have to get into Army ROTC?

You can have any major. You need to make sure you graduate in 4 years (unless its a specific 5-year program like engineering). Also, if you think you'll want a competitive branch in the Army (Aviation, Infantry, Armor... etc), you'll want to pick a major easy enough to get a good GPA. Many of the Ca (MORE)

What does an army do?

They carry out the political will of the governments that organize them. People in the army are called soldiers. ... Sometimes an army ismade up from mercenaries, who fight just for pay and have littleloyalty to the country which they serve. Soldiers do many things,from shooting enemies, to digging (MORE)

What do you have to do to get in the army?

First contact an Army Recruiter. They will give you a preliminary screening to make sure that your are fully qualified to enlist. If not they will advise you on whether the requirements are waiver-able or not. You must meet the height and weight requirements and be able to pass the ASVAB test which (MORE)

How do you get out the army?

There are 3 classes of ranks in the United States Army: Commission Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Soldiers. Commissioned Officers have the ability to simply resign their commission at any time, however, there may be penalties if they joined with a specific time commitment in exchange fo (MORE)

Can you be 13 to enter the army rotc?

You can enter Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC), provided you are least in the 9th grade. ROTC for any branch of service is a collegiate level course.

What have to get in the army?

You must be between 18 and 42 years old, or 18 years old with parental consent. You must be a US citizen or hold a green card. Most candidates have high school diplomas, but up to 10% per year may have GEDs. You must meet certain fitness standards which a recruiter can explain to you, and you will b (MORE)

Were Jews obligated to serve in the Roman army?

No. No one was obligated to serve in the Roman army. Jews were recruited into the army just like anyone else and there were Jewish commanders and units. However, during the last days of the empire when the military needed men, some of the "recruitment" methods may have been in the order of "making t (MORE)

What is the army ROTC and has anyone done it?

Army ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a college program in which while pursuing a bachelors degree you also train to be an Army officer; there are many online resources which let you look into this program; it is offered at many colleges across the USA ; there are many ROTC scholarships ava (MORE)

What college is the army ROTC the best at?

I have been wondering the same question as you. "What college is the army ROTC the best at" I have found out that the military doesn't rank college ROTC programs anymore but private companies do. So my suggestion is go to a book store and look for a book on the army ROTC and which colleges it is bes (MORE)

What is the difference between Army ROTC program in college and the Officer Candidate School?

you can think of Officer Candidate School (OCS) as a bottle of peanut butter and a bottle of jelly. OCS is a rigorous 12 week program that is a continuous blob of hard work given to train you as an officer you must have already completed a bachelors degree level education in order to take it. on (MORE)

What to do to get in the army?

First of all, you need to pass the requirements to serve in the Army. The enlistment standards covers these subjects: Age, Citizenship, Education, Aptitude, Physical Fitness, Dependency Status, Moral Character, etc. To view the enlistment standards, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your com (MORE)

How much is the ROTC scholarship worth?

The united states Army and Navy ROTC scholarships are full rides.The Airforce is the only branch that gives different amounts ofmoney for different levels of academic merit. Army and Navy alsogive whats called a 3 year AD scholarship, which basically meansthat your first year of college none of the (MORE)

Why do you have armies?

Countries have armies to protect their national interests. However, some countries in the past, have used their army to impose their will on other countries. That is generally considered an inappropriate use of force.

Why are you in the army?

I joined the Army to get the military service time that i needed to join the Coast Guard. If you're looking for a military career, you should look at a different branch of service.

Does the army have an ROTC?

ROTC is the Reserved Officer Training Corps, and yes. The army does have an ROTC. They are based at Universities and go hand in hand with the college education. It's not the only way of achieving officership. There are two other ways and they are OCS (Officer Canidacy School) and Direct Comission.

What are the benefits of being an Army ROTC?

ROTC stands for "Reserve Officers' Training Corps".The benefits are extensive militairy training, basic first aid, riflemarksmanship, land navigation, fieldtraining and drill.

How can one get a Navy RotC scholarship?

An online application form must be completed to apply for a scholarship with the NROTC. Here you will also find details of the age and quaifications required to apply.