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If you have an IRA can you receive food stamps?

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Yes you can receive Food Stamps with an IRA. In the last couple of years rules were changed that no longer consider an IRA as part of your assets.
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Can you receive unemployment and food stamps?

Yes you can. They will determine your foodstamp value after you give them your award letter from unemployment.

Can you still receive food stamps after your child turns 18?

The parent can continue to receive food stamps. If the child is still living in the parent's home, the two of them can continue to receive food stamps together as one househol

Can you receive food stamps on Sunday to your ebt card?

Yes, your foodstamps will always come on the date specified. Unless there is a glitch in system, this rarely happens, you will have to wait until the next day.

Can a convicted drug felon receive food stamps in GA?

NO...not in GA anyway. You are automatically denied for being a "law breaker", however your income does count. Even if you have sucessfully completed jail, rehab and probation

Do employers know if employees receive food stamps or medicaid?

Personal information about food stamp (SNAP) and Medicaid recipients is confidential. Public assistance agencies sometimes contact employers to verify compensation/insurance,

Can the homeless receive food stamps and social security do they have to have an address?

if you go into either the social services office or social security office and tell them your homeless and want foodstamps/ benefits, they will find you housing. immediately.

Can a convicted drug felon receive food stamps in Alabama?

Currently no. There have been bills proposed in the legislature to opt out of this requirement but so far none of them have passed