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If you have an IRA can you receive food stamps?

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Yes you can receive Food Stamps with an IRA. In the last couple of years rules were changed that no longer consider an IRA as part of your assets.
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Can convicted felons receive food stamps?

In California, convicted drug felons cannot receive food stamps (or SNAP as it is now called). Not sure about other kinds of felonies. If someone has their record expunged, t

Who receives food stamps?

the people who are poor or dont have money because of a poor job People on welfare.

When do receive money for your food stamps?

Legally, never. You either get Food Staps, like a coupon book , or more likely an EBT card , like a debit card. To abuse either one is a Federal cime. Use as directed.

Can the homeless receive food stamps and social security do they have to have an address?

if you go into either the social services office or social security office and tell them your homeless and want foodstamps/ benefits, they will find you housing. immediately.

Can a felon receive food stamps in nc?

i was a convicted felon out of state and moved to nc and i have turned my life around and i was honest to the food stamp office and when i went to get recertified they notice