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If you have an IRA can you receive food stamps?

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Yes you can receive Food Stamps with an IRA. In the last couple of years rules were changed that no longer consider an IRA as part of your assets.
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How long does it take to receive a unqualified distribution from your IRA?

The trustee of your IRA would be the one that should be able to give you the correct time period that will be required for the trustee to take care of making the unqualified d

Can you receive food stamps on Sunday to your ebt card?

Yes, your foodstamps will always come on the date specified. Unless there is a glitch in system, this rarely happens, you will have to wait until the next day.

Can a convicted drug felon receive food stamps in GA?

NO...not in GA anyway. You are automatically denied for being a "law breaker", however your income does count. Even if you have sucessfully completed jail, rehab and probation

Can you buy cat food on food stamps?

No. The idea of food stamps was to keep people alive until they could work for themselves again, not pay for excessive activities like feeding pets.

What kinds of food can you purchase with food stamps?

You can get just about everything with food stamps. Bread, cereal, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry and dairy products Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts la

Can you buy food coloring with food stamps?

No, you can buy food only. You can't use food stamps for non food items such as shampoo or laundry products. The link below is the 'official' list of eligible and ineligible i

Can someone who has legal custody of a child receive food stamps if the child has not lived with them for a year?

For the child, no; for themselves, yes. You should consider that if the child is not living with you you must provide that information on the application or renewal. You can