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If you kiss someone while youre on your period would you become pregnant?

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No, only if you have sex
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If you become pregnant while on your period does the bleeding stop?

Having sex during your period will make the bleeding appear a lot  lighter or stop completely. It's nearly impossible to conceive  while on your period because there simply

If you get pregnant while on the pill would you miss your period and is that how you would tell that you're pregnant?

  Answer   Hello.     If you became pregnant while on the pill you may have a period which would be lighter than normal for you or experience spotting around

Can you become pregnant having sex while on your period?

Contrary to popular belief yes, you can become pregnant even while on your period. While it may be less likely, it can still happen. There are no safe days to have sex. Thus,

Can someone have their last period after becoming pregnant?

I'm pretty sure they can, being it is possible (uncommon) but possible to have a regular normal period the whole 9 months you are pregnant. Most people say that you most defin

Why would someone shake while they are kissing and feeling someone?

  Shaking and shivering during a kiss or caress is a combination of nervousness and excitement. Usually it would only happen during the first couple intimate moments and h

Is it possible to become pregnant while on you period?

The standard answer to this question is 'yes.' It can and has happened. Bleeding at any time in the month, whether regular or irregular, does not indicate a "safe" time, and i

Can you become pregnant while im at the end of your period?

You can't become pregnant during your period - there is no eggpresent, also even when you conceive it takes around 10 days for afertilized egg to implant before you'd be consi