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If you receive a tax refund in January and spend it all and then file bankruptcy in February can the trustees make you pay back the refund?

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No. But it could possibly depend on whether or not the BK was accepted. Dependent on how much the refund was and what it was used for. In general, only the assets that you have at the time you file are included, not monies already spent.  
No, But if you file, next year you will possabily have to pay half of your tax money.
Why would I have to pay half of my tax money on next years taxes?
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Do you keep a tax refund after bankruptcy?

Has the chapter 13 bankruptcy been discharged (completed)? If not then in your bankruptcy agreement for repayment it probably states that you must surrender any tax return to

Can you receive a tax refund this year if you filed bankruptcy last year?

You need to discuss this with your attorney. Once you receive your tax refund, it's part of your personal assets that could be seized to pay creditors. If you file bankruptc

How to file for property tax refund?

Contact your local property tax department and request a copy of the form that you will need to use to file for the property tax refund or you could try and see if this could

Can you receive tax refund if you have no income?

no you may not ans Actually yes you can. The Earned Income Credit (or EIC) may be paid as a refund even if someone had no other income to report and pay on. addition

Do you pay taxes on refunds?

  In the U.S., it depends on the type of refund and what's being refunded. Generally, if it's a refund of the price of something you purchased, it's not taxed, assuming th

Will your tax refund be taken to pay back your debt if you file for bankruptcy in New York city?

Answer   Though no one "wants" to file bankruptcy, your question is valid. An income tax return is usually looked at as a lump sum of money to help get back on one's feet

Can you get a refund after you file bankruptcy?

  Very likely not - epending on when nyou filed and when the money was withheld...the refund is because you had more money than needed withheld from your paycheck and pu i

Will the bankruptcy trustee in Minnesota take your tax refund in case of chapter 13?

No! You must claim more dependants on your paycheck to avoid the trustee claiming your refund. 1500$ is the limit from Fed and State combined. Keep your refund below that amou