In Avatar the Last Airbender Book Two episode 34 The City of Walls and Secrets during Zuko and Jets battle Zuko cuts Jets straw in half when doing that his fire is blue why is that?

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Its not fire, it is just the swords going in slow motion. If you look ahead to when Zuko and Jet are fighting back to back you will see that both of them sometimes have those flashes, so it is also the swords going really fast. It is not blue fire bending though.
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How old is zuko on Avatar the Last Airbender?

Zuko is 16. He was banished at the age of 13 and returns to the fire nation three years later, which is during the span of the series. The series only follows the Avatar Gang

What episode is jet in Avatar the Last Airbender in?

^^^^^ Not enough of them! It's too bad, though. He's a great character. He's in book 1 episode 10 and he pops up with Longshot and Smellabee when they're looking for Appa.(A