In ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5 is it possible to charge the mound or fight and if so then how?

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Yes it is possible just press, Square,Square,Circle,Triangle.
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When did major league baseball start?

The Major League Baseball season has been 162 games long for each team since 1961 in the American League and 1962 in the National League. The preceding 154-game schedule was adopted in 1904 and modified only in 1919. The Major League Baseball championship season cannot be scheduled over fewer than 1 (MORE)

Is there a curfew in Major League Baseball?

Baseball itself does not have a general curfew. Curfews can still be imposed by cities which host MLB ballparks, but none that are currently in existence have the ability to curtail the play of a game at a given time.

Who is on the Major League Baseball logo?

Many people believe that the person on the logo is Harmon Killebrew, but the logo is not designed after any one player. This has been confirmed by Jerry Dior, who designed the logo in 1968.

What are the two leagues in Major League Baseball?

American League (AL) and National League (NL). They're just like conferences, like AFC & NFC in the NFL and East Conference and West Conference in the NBA & NHL. Interleague play can happen, and at the end of the year, the AL champion faces the NL champion in the World Series.

When did major league baseball started?

The first team to openly pay its players was the Cincinnati RedStockings, doing so in 1869. However, they were not part of anyleague -- they simply played anyone who agreed to play them. . The first national organization that attempted to set rules,schedules, and declare yearly champions was the Na (MORE)

How far is the pitchers mound from first base in major league baseball?

The distance between the pitcher's mound to the baseball diamond is roughly 60.5 ft. The distance from homeplate to first base is around 90ft. So basically, the homeplate portion of the baseball diamond is 90 degrees. So if you break that in half that's roughly 45 degrees. Then using law of cosine a (MORE)

What is the Major League Baseball font?

Franklin Gothic - Demi Compressed is the closest to the font usedin the MLB logo, but the logo has a few customizations to the fontto make it a one and only.

How many innings are possible in an Major League Baseball game?

There is no limitation to the number of innings a baseball game can be played. In theory, the game could go on forever as long as the teams are tied at the end of an inning. The longest professional game I have heard of is a 33 inning game between Pawtucket and Rochester of the International League (MORE)

What is the distance between the pitchers mound and third base in major league baseball?

BASEBALL . Home plate to pitcher's box: 60 feet 6 inches. Plate to second base: 127 feet 3 3/8 inches. Distance from base to base (home plate included): 90 feet. Size of bases: 15 inches by 15 inches. Pitcher's plate: 24 inches by 6 inches. Batter's box: 4 feet by 6 feet. Home plate: (MORE)

What is a major league baseball made of?

Baseballs are small rubber balls covered in latex adhesive, wrappedin various types of yarn, then wrapped in leather. The leather thatis currently used to wrap the balls in is made of cowhide.

Who was the founder of the Major League Baseball?

Abner Doubleday founded baseball after watching people in a corn field with a stick hit a wooden ball. After he asked what they were doing, the men said the object of the game is to hit the ball with the stick. If it is hit in the air, it is to be caught before it hits the ground. If it hits the gro (MORE)

What are the two major baseball leagues?

the American League and the National League, lol, unless by league you mean like the MLB, then it would be the MLB and the NPB (japans major leagues) AL and NL

Distance from pitchers mound to home plate in major league baseball?

The distance from the pitcher's rubber to HB is 59 feet, or 60 feet and 6 inches to the back tip of home plate . The mound has an 18 foot diameter and is 10.5 inches tall at the pitcher's rubber, which is located 10 feet from the front of the mound and 8 feet from the back of the mound..

What is a balk in Major League Baseball?

In baseball, a pitcher may commit a number of illegal motions or actions which constitute a balk. A balk ordinarily results in an immediate dead ball and nullification of any pitch, and each runner is awarded one base. The batter generally returns to bat with the previous count. There are cases when (MORE)

Which states do not have major-league baseball?

The states that don't have major-league baseball teams are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon (MORE)

When was Major League Baseball segregated?

As early as 1884 two "black" players, the Walker brothers played for Toledo in the American Association, considered a "major" league at the time. There was no "official" discrimination against Black players, however, but there was defacto segregation until Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodger (MORE)

Is Major League Baseball for profit?

Yes. While MLB claims operating losses of $232 million in 2001, Forbes estimates that the 30 teams turned a collective profit of $76.7 million according to Baseball Prospectus.

Are there any leagues after major league baseball?

No. The Major Leagues are as high as you can achieve in Baseball. A prospect usually starts in single A then can advance to double A then triple A is the closest you can come without being called to play in the MLB.

Is there a major league baseball rule that when taking the field the first player to touch the baseball on the mound must now be entered as the pitcher of record and then must throw one pitch?

That rule is almost correct. Rule 3.08 If no announcement of a substitution is made, the substitute shall be considered as having entered the game when - 1. If a pitcher, he takes his place on the pitcher's plate (rubber); 2. If a batter, he takes his place in the batter's box; 3. If a (MORE)

Do Major League Players get fined for fighting?

Usually, and they almost always get suspended for a few games. The amount of the fine is generally not disclosed and the suspensions can be up to 10 games depending on what role the player had in the fight with the norm being 3-5 games.

Why do so many people call for a salary cap in major league baseball?

It would make for a much more competitive league and would give all 30 teams a fair and equal chance to win every year. Instead of having the same teams win the world series every year (new York, Boston, philly, ) it would almost guaruntee that you would see someone new win almost every year. It don (MORE)

Does Major League Baseball have drafts?

Yes, Major League Baseball does have drafts, they have two drafts,they have the First-Year Player draft that's held in June which iswhen all 30 teams draft players that are either in High School orcollege or have already graduated. The other draft is the Rule 5 draft which is held in December andtea (MORE)

When was the Major League Baseball league started?

The first baseball team that openly paid all of its players wasthe Cincinnati Red Stockings, doing so in 1869. The firstnationwide organization that attempted to set rules and teamschedules was the National Association of Baseball Players, foundedin 1871. Even today, neither Major League Baseball no (MORE)

Why are there so many games played in a major league baseball season?

Essentially, there are a large number of games in a major leaguebaseball season for three reasons: . the sport does not cause much wear for bodies since the playingarenas are relatively soft and even when grassed the rootingdensity is likely to be low. There is also relatively littlephysical wear (MORE)

When did major league baseball raise the pitching mound?

Prior to 1903, a pitching mound in MLB could be any height desiredby the home team -- even zero if they didn't want any mound at all.From that year until 1968, a REGULATION mound had to be 15 incheshigher than home plate. In that year, that height has been reducedto 10 inches. It has been a long-sta (MORE)