In What country are Tommy hilfiger 's clothes made in?

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U.S.A and New York as I've been told by store owners and more
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Who is Tommy Hilfiger?

owner and creator of his very well known fashion line for men and women Tommy Hilfiger.

Where can you buy the Tommy Hilfiger clothes Aaliyah wore?

The Tommy Hilfiger clothes that Aaliyah wore can no longer bebought. This is because that particular line of Hilfiger clothingwas only out for that particular season. However,

Who financily helped Tommy Hilfiger?

Really, not sure but I also am from elmira, and he worked a store called people's place, so I'd say, he worked his way to top on his own.

Is Tommy hilfiger gay?

No, he is not. He's had relations with many different women, so it's best implied that he is in fact straight (or at least bisexual).
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Where are Tommy Hilfiger watches made?

Tommy Hilfiger watches are typically made in Hong Kong. The companywas founded in 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger. It was started in France.
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Where can one find Tommy Hilfiger clothing for girls?

There are a variety of online shops that sell Timmy Hilfinger products. Tommy Hilfinger also have their own webbshop where you can buy all kinds of products including those fo