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In chemistry what does like dissolves like?

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The term "like dissolves like" means that if the solvent/solute molecules are structurally similar, then the substance will dissolve in the solvent.
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Like dissolves like?

Like dissolves like means that polar solutions dissolve polar substances and non polar solutions dissolve non polar substances.

In chemistry what does 'like dissolves like' mean?

"like dissolves like" is an expression used by chemists to remember how some solvents work. It refers to "polar" and "nonpolar" solvents and solutes. Basic example: Water is

Why do you like chemistry?

Chemistry explains many things which would otherwise be rather mysterious. I like to understand the world in which I live.

What is like dissolves like?

The chemistry principal of "like dissolves like," explains that  polar substances will dissolve in each other. Similarly, a covalent  will dissolve another covalent.

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What is the like dissolve like rule?

The 'like dissolves like' rule states that solvents will dissolve solutes of similar polarity. For example, water is very polar, and thus will dissolve polar solutes, such as

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What are like dissolves like?

Like dissolves like meaning that a polar substance will dissolve a polar substance and nonpolar substance will dissolve other polar substances. By contrast nonpolar and polar
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How does like dissolves like mean?

Polar solutes will only dissolve in polar solvents and non polar solutes will only in non polar solvents. That is why oil and water do not mix; oil is NP while water is P.