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In order to compute the income taxes you owe the federal government this year your employer is required to give you a that lists your earnings and withholding for the past year.?

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Yes! If you are in default of a student loan, your federal income tax will be taken every yeare until the loan is satisfied. At least, that was my experience.

Employer gives you a statement called a w-2 form. It's not a list. It gives you the total amount of witholdings and the total amount of earnings for 2007. If you worked this year, you'll get that statement either in Dec. January or Feb. of 2009.
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If you owe federal taxes do you have to file this year?

Yes. You could choose not to, but that tends to come with legal consequences.. I do income taxes for friends and family - not a professional filer.. - CRA is running a "tab"

Can the Federal Government change the rate of the income tax from year to year?

Well yes, and it can even be done retrospectively, or more than once a years, but it requires enacting law changes by Congress. Not normally an easy or fast process at best. P

Are employers required to withhold federal income tax?

Absolutely, and many more things concerning payroll, etc...adhereing to the rules for this.. And of course, people are rerquired to make estimated payments toward their event

Why does the government asks employers to withhold tax money from each paycheck instead of requiring taxpayers to pay a full years taxes all at once?

First, even many, many of those people who had withholding from paycheck throuh the year, and then find they are a little short of what they ultimately owe (for whatever reaso