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In the African culture do they use pharmacies for their medicines?

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Proverbs using bats in the african culture?

The following proverbs are based off a South African culture: Bats  can see in the dark. Do squirrels mix themselves with bats? Bats  devour by striking, squirrels by nibbli

What metric units are used by a hospital or pharmacy in pre paring medicines?

Hospitals and pharmacies in the US will generally use milliliters as a standard unit of measure for liquids. Milligrams are usually used for tablet and capsule doses. For some

How do different cultures use plants as medicine?

Different cultures use plants as medicines by putting it into their vaginas. this is how women do it. men do it by stuffing it into their dick holes. It may hurt but it cures

What is music used for in the African culture?

A number of things including, celebrating something that has just happened or maybe a marriage. Also if someone has just been born if someone has passed away. (That music woul
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What happens to medicine returned to pharmacy used?

It's destroyed for safety reasons. The pharmacy can't be sure that what's in the bottle is what's on the label and that it wasn't tampered with, so they can't reuse it. The m