In the human body which system functions primarily to defend the body against the disease?

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The immune system.
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How your bodies defend against diseases?

Well, there is white blood cells that are just like red blood cells but fight diseases and bacteria, and also there is cells that helps the blood clot so the diseases don't sp

How does the human body defend against pathogens?

It uses white blood cells to attack and destroy intruders. It also expels harmful substances through the processes of vomitting and diarrhea. Another way is it heats up the bo

How does your body defend against diseases?

Your body defends itself because its none stop all the time its more active in the night. your body defends itself from diseases the white blood cells they take away some food

When identifying how the immune system defends the body against disease what is a nonspecific response?

main response inflamation. damaged tissue releases chemicals that attract white blood cells, capillary walls become more permeable and porous to allow these cells, defensive c