In which date the festival of ugadi in 1990?

Ugadi festival date in 1990
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Hindu festival dates in 1986?

Makar Sankranti: Tuesday, 14th Jan. 1986Vasant Panchami: Thursday, 13th February, 1986Mahasivaratri: Saturday, 8th March, 1986 Holi: Tuesday, 25th March, 1986Yugadhi (Telugu N (MORE)
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Date of shivratri festival in 1991?

i born on 13 th fab 1991, it was shivratri, i was just conferming did they celebrate it at a same date in hole india, i don t know
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What was the date of festival Mahashivratri in 1983?

I think that, Mahashivratri comes on every 25th of February.   It may differ, as according to the Indian calender, one has to follow the lunar cycles.
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Which date muharram festival in 1964?

Muharram is the beginning month of the Islamic Calendar. In 1964  the Muharram Festival was on Wednesday, May 13, 1964.
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