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In which date the festival of ugadi in 1990?

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Ugadi festival date in 1990
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In Science

Hindu festival dates in 1986?

Makar Sankranti: Tuesday, 14th Jan. 1986Vasant Panchami: Thursday, 13th February, 1986Mahasivaratri: Saturday, 8th March, 1986 Holi: Tuesday, 25th March, 1986Yugadhi (Telugu N (MORE)

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In Diwali

What was the date of Diwali festival in year 1979?

The date of diwali festival in the year of 1979 was on the date of 13th of the month in October and on the 14th of the month in November which are the two dates.
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What were the Festival dates in the year 1982?

Diwali    There are many festival dates within the year stated. Traditions and festivals are different and numerous in differing calendars. To detail any and the date c (MORE)