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Instructions for relic watches?

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Your 60-day jail sentence was suspended when you decided to check into a rehab facility. What motivated you to go to rehab?

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Is a relic watch better than a fossil watch?

as far as my experience and research no relic watches don;t have that much stability like fossil but relic watches is good for short period of time because they are cheap and (MORE)

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How do you set digital ladies steel cardinal wrist watch need instruction booklet?

Press and Hold the reset the seconds will start flashing push the mode button and it should switch and the hour should start flashing then you push the third button (i (MORE)

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How do you adjust the time on a relic pocket watch?

On the back of the watch you can stick your fingernail (or a very small screwdriver) under the little thumbscrew and push it up. Then you can set the watch by turning the thum (MORE)

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Could you get instruction for your Athletic Works watch?

Default mode:   the mode button controls the different functions of the watch. time, alarm time, stopwatch, timeset, alarmset, in a repeating cycle. Make sure you are on th (MORE)

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Is a relic wet watch better than a regular relic when it comes to water resistance They both say up to 165 feet so I don't see the difference.?

  Not familiar with the particular models, but if both are rated at 165 feet (100 meters, 10 ATM) water resistance there is no difference in water resistance. Your choice (MORE)

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