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Had the same problem and took me awhile to notice this but the tag with the price had this site on it.. www.relicbrand.com. It has instructions for all of them.. I never understood why they didnt just print out a version and give it with the watch..
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Is a relic watch better than a fossil watch?

as far as my experience and research no relic watches don;t have that much stability like fossil but relic watches is good for short period of time because they are cheap and

Where can you buy pins for a relic watch band?

  You should be able to go where you bought it and the should have pins for it and if you dont know where you got it from Kohls sells relic watches

Where do I get additional links for a relic watch?

Extra links for your Relic watch can be ordered by calling Metro Service Center at (800) 842-8621. Go to the Relic Website and there is more information.

How do you set digital ladies steel cardinal wrist watch need instruction booklet?

Press and Hold the reset the seconds will start flashing push the mode button and it should switch and the hour should start flashing then you push the third button (i

How do you adjust the time on a relic pocket watch?

On the back of the watch you can stick your fingernail (or a very small screwdriver) under the little thumbscrew and push it up. Then you can set the watch by turning the thum

Is there a relic watch with the model number PR6116?

Yes - it is a corporate market watch, meaning it doesn't make it to retail outlets but instead goes to corporate award companies, like O.C. Tanner, who engrave them or put cor

Could you get instruction for your Athletic Works watch?

Default mode:   the mode button controls the different functions of the watch. time, alarm time, stopwatch, timeset, alarmset, in a repeating cycle. Make sure you are on th

How do you set the date and time on a Relic Watch?

  Set the Day of the week and the Hour by pulling the stem out all the way, set the Day of the week out by pulling the stem out walf way.   Set the Day of the week and

Where can you get an extra link for your Relic adjust-a-link ladies watch?

From what I've heard, but I haven't tried it yet, you can order them through customer service at 1-800-842-8621. They're free for two you only have to pay $4 for shipping, eve

What is a relic?

A relic, in the Catholic sense, is a body or body part of a saint or an item used by the person during life, such as an article of clothing, book, rosary, etc. A third class r
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How do you remove link from mens relic watch?

  My Relic dress watch required me to tap out a small cotter pin from the links. You have to magnify the pin slot to determine the correct side to tap from. I was frustrat
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What does a relic do?

A relic is an item which is important to religious people because it belonged to a religious figure. i.e. Jesus' hair...

What is the purpose of a relic?

There are many purposes of a relic, here's a couple: Relics can be used to just remind one of a particular saint. They can also be used to wear. For example, on a necklace, br