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Is 0.05 mg more than 0.025 mg?

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Yes it is twice as much
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Is gm more than mg?

  Well it depends on what gm stands for, because it can be used in engineering, forces, and even chemistry (mole calculations). But generally gm stands for gram, and mg st

Is 0.05 mg the same as 0.050 mg?

Yes, they are equal in weight. 0.05 can be expressed as 5/100 and  0.050 can be expressed as 50/1000 but they have the same meaning.

Is a cg more than a mg?

Yes, ten times more.

What does 0.05 mg equal in mcg?

There are 1000mcg (micrograms) per milligram.   * So, 0.05mg = 0.05 x 1,000 = 50mcg