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Is 2.71 greater than 2.7183?

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No because 2.7183 is greater than 2.71
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Is 80g greater than 80kg?

No. "g" is grams and "kg" is kilogram. There are 1000g in every kg, so 80kg is 80,000g and 80g is just 0.008kg

What is the difference between greater than and greater than or equal to?

greater than means it will always be a larger number than said answer, like 2, meaning any number larger than two can be an answer. greater than or equal to means it it can b

What are the greater than less than symbols?

  < and > 125 > 25 open or big side is toward larger number

Is this greater than or less than?

Thanks to limitations in the browser that is used for posting questions on WA, it is not possible to see the symbols. > is greater than and < is less than. Some people sugge