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Is AXIS BANK nationalised bank or not?

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no its a private bank now and earlier it was a public bank known as UTI bank
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Is IDBI Bank nationalised bank?

  The Industrial Development Bank of India Limited commonly known by its acronym IDBI is one of India's leading public sector banks and 4th largest Bank in overall ratings

Is SBI bank a nationalised bank?

No, SBI is not a nationalised bank. It is one of the greatest bank.  It is a public bank but not a nationalised bank. Right now 19 banks  were nationalised out of 20, in whi

Is HDFC bank a nationalised bank?

HDFC Bank is not a nationalised bank.   As of now, there are 25 Nationalized Banks in India:  1) State Bank of India  2) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur  3) State

Is IDBI bank nationalised or public bank?

IDBI stands for Industrial Development Bank of India. Their vision is: "To be a trusted partner in progress by leveraging quality human capital and selling global standards of
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Is canara bank a nationalised bank?

Yes. Canara Bank is a Nationalized Bank. It is one of India's oldest banks. It has over 3000 branches and 4000 ATMs across India. It was Nationalized in the year 1969 and has

Why the banks were nationalised?

The Government of India (GOI) adopted planned economic development for the country (India). through five year plans which came into existence in 1951. The economic plan basica