Is American Veterans Foundation legit?

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Sorry, but they are not listed by Charity Watch, had posted only partial financial information, and do not appear to meet the test of a legitimate charity. There are many groups that partially copy the name of a legitimate charity. If I may be permitted to make a referral, I support Fisher House. Listed as one of the 10 best charities in the US, they provide no cost group living and group meals for families of American service members that are visiting their family member in a military hospital.

How did American Veterans protect us?

they helped out in 9-11 the fought for our freedoms and they are fighting right now for each and every one of us.. They fought because it was the right thing to do.

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Absolutely Not!!! These people are falsely impersonating a Transfer Agent that is acting Transfer Agent for the issuing of Dixon, Perot and Champion Shares. This is nothing o

Is American Sweepstakes Network legit?

(This is one particular persons personal experience, you cannot assume this about all of them.)* (Original Answer: No, they are scam artists. They give you a phone numbe

What is American Veterans Aid?

American Veterans Aid (AVA) was founded by a war era veteran who wanted to help other veterans and their surviving spouses apply for and receive the Aid and Attendance Benefit

Is American Veterans Support Foundation real or fake?

My name is Hallie Powell and I am the Executive Director of theNational Vietnam Veterans Foundation, of which the AmericanVeterans Support Foundation is a special project. We

Is disabled American veterans a scam?

I'm a "life member" of DAV and it is a total disaster. I was originally told by the DAV "Service Officer" in Spokane that I had to pay for a life membership in order for him